2013 1st Inaugural St. Patrick's Day Leprechaun Chase - March 17, 2013

Published by shortCHINESEguy
Mar 17th 2013, 7:39pm | 920 views
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2013 1st St. Patrick's Day - Leprechaun Chase

Utterly amazing. Since this is the 1st inaugural race, I wasn't expecting much for an event that starts at 8:30 would draw this many people.  

The race organizers were expecting around 500.  But as it turned out.. nearly 1500 showed their support for a worthy cause.. a fund raiser for Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, an welcome addition to downtown Reno.

I never realized there are so many folks who has Irish blood running through them.

But I guess, once you drink the green beer, you pretty much must automatically be assimilated .

Either that.. just wearing green so you don't get pinched must be the other reason


Yikes.. Uploading pictures on is like going back and working iwth DOS operating system.  Every corner you turn, there seems to be yet another error message to deal with.  

I tried to create a new album titled, "Road / Recreation Races", but not able to.   And when I tried to upload, I get an error.. so I then tried upload using the old upload routine, but only to be prompted I need to upload to an album name, yet an album I created when I first joined called MISC.. I could not find.. so I had to put this photo in my album Track and Field .. which obviously is wrong.

RunnerSpace web site software.. one generation behind everyone else, but one step beyond running a billboard software before WINDOWS operating system was written.


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