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Spring begins! (Mar 21st 2012, 10:42am)
Hansons Brooks Way (Mar 19th 2012, 11:17pm)



Spring begins!

Published by
annathegazelle   Mar 21st 2012, 10:42am

With Springtime comes all of my favorite smells--freshcut grass, mulch (even sometime when it is and smells like shit), salty sweat from a workout, coconut tanning lotion and oils, and the arrray of floral aromas that fill the air.  This is the PERFECT time for training.  I like training in the heat, and feel you can gain a lot of fitness from it. With spring comes acclimating to increasing temps and learning to love to sweat through the sun beating down on you.  Nothing is more perfect for running that being able to just wear shorts and a tee or singlet.  No gloves, jackets, vests, hats, and frozen lungs to make running a chore when spring arrives. I hate all that shit, but use it to avoid the treadmill. I do live in SC though, so there isn't usually that much of a real winter to what some of you may experience to complain over.  Today, Wednesday is another Tempo Run day (running at a slightly UNCOMFORTABLE pace for the duration).  This AM my run was 4 miles (29:58). I tied this off with core work usually a small exercise ball (i.e. the Bender Ball-as AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCT) however; it really works the core better than the larger balls.  For midday today I have a 6 mile Tempo Run schedule followed by core work, upper body exercises (mostly using body weight and exercise bands), and a short 20 minute cool-down swim in indoor pool.  Hope to run the tempo run for mday before work in around 44:00 or under.  Off to a continuing ed class for work, and then looking forward to running in the sun. Running in Nike Lunar Racers, but  I may break out my new Nike Zooms soon-i.e.tomorrow for speedworkday to bust em in.  They are the new edition made for longer races (i.e-the marathon). Superlite. My great husband finally found them onlineKiss They went fast on Runningwarehouse due to great price, but he found them on zappos at a good price earlier this week.  Check out runningwarehouse.com daily because they are always having sweet finds on all kinds of gear, plus FREE SHIPPING.  Until tomorrow or the next day......Run strong and enjoy the perfect conditions that spring has to offer us runners!

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