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Open Letters to Runners and Volunteers

Published by
coachphil   Aug 24th 2010, 12:58am

Legends Run 2010: Open Letter to Runners and Volunteers


I want to personally thank each and every one of you who either ran or volunteered at this year’s Legends Run. You guys were terrific from my standpoint.


Where to start? How about the 5K run itself. We blatantly promoted it as the “Fastest 5K in the Vegas Valley” and we delivered, or to clarify, Jeremy Sudbury delivered.


Mike Schramm, in his posting on the LVTC Message Board, summed it up in one word: “Wow.” He pointed out that no one has a faster 5K in Vegas since 1997. And that was a gimmick 5K road race: downhill on West Sahara ending at the Outback Steakhouse. The carrot was the offer of a $10,000 prize if a world record was set. I remember the race, although Mike’s memory is better than mine. The winning time, by an African runner going for the bonus, was in the 13’s but no record. Let’s see, Jeremy would have been about 7 years old back then. 


I suspect that Jeremy’s 14:32.3 will stand up as the new course record for a while, unless the pride of Shadow Ridge H.S. comes back year to go for five in a row. And speaking of records and fast times, Jessica Destito’s winning time of 18:39.2 wasn’t too shabby either, nor were the runner-up times: Eric Harasyn’s 15:07.8 and Katie Gorczyca’s 18:48.1.


For Eric, Jeremy’s teammate at the University of Oklahoma, it was a repeat of last year second-place finish. And for Katie, it was preview of what we can expect this coming high school season from the Palo Verde freshman. Katie finished over two minutes ahead her competition; the next high school girl, Erin Smith of Coronado, ran 20:43.2. We haven’t had a high school girl from Southern Nevada run this fast, this early in the season, since Abbie Miller back in the late 90’s.


Yes, the course turned out to be fast. I know many of you ran a 5K PR. Good for you! But the course was honest, in the tradition of cross country, and accurately measured. One can only hope that by next year the construction on the trails out into the wetlands will be completed and that access will be friendlier for runners and spectators alike. Those who stood up high in the bleachers had the best view I suspect, but for us at the finish line it was a thrill to see so many finish with fast times. 


And kudos go to our great volunteers. The race wouldn’t have been a success without you. From those who helped on Friday at the Village Runner, and at the park (as we tried to figure out how to get the runners out on the trail), to race day itself, thank you. The list of names is long but everyone contributed: Carl Wright, Don Bowman, Tim Kelly, Ryan Young, Tony Kyriacou, Gary Campbell, Mike Reago, Janet Hollinger, Steve Thornock, Jill and Lee Beausoleil, Mary Brandon, Martha Corazzini, Lauren Lucas and her friend, and Robert Herrera. And a separate and special thank you to Trevor Fagan from Land Rover Las Vegas. His finish-line set up added real class to the event.


I also want to add a note regarding John Dixon and his NTS-Timing crew. Coach Dixon was paid for his services, but he earned every penny and provided us with the best timing support we have had in years.


As we look ahead to next year’s race, which will be the 15th Anniversary Legends Run, I solicit your comments and feedback. My pledge to you is to make this the marquis event on the LVTC running calendar, but it can only happen with your continued support. The first Saturday in August seems a crazy time to put on a major running event in Las Vegas, but it works for me. I hope it works for you too.


Phil Lawton, Legends Race Director


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