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font schmont

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cari   Apr 17th 2008, 2:44pm

what oregon fans haven't experienced lately is good head to head competition that breeds huge personal best performances.  i've been looking at these videos of interviews with oregon coaches and athletes and something is overlooked and that is that ucla is used to dual meets.  every year the ucla-usc dual meet produces big marks and fast times, its a meet of upsets and letdowns in which the teams rally for points.  its very exciting and fun to watch.  ucla is a veteran team and they know how to win dual meets.  i would argue that dual meets help athletes find a different more self-less way to compete.  it sucks that the weather is going to be bad because there's nothing like training in 80 degree, sunny weather and coming to 40 degree cold rainy inclement weather.  i don't think we'll see the same record breaking type performances if its raining, but i'm sure we'll see big gutsy finishes that make track so addictive.  again i'm very excited for a close competition and for oregonians to enjoy a dual meet, not to see who wins or loses but to see how athletes' competitive nature is drawn out from this type of contest. 

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