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farewell to throwing (Jul 10th 2008, 3:56am)
addicted to magazines and pain? (May 11th 2008, 4:41am)
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insomnia maybe? (Apr 14th 2008, 6:02am)



addicted to magazines and pain?

Published by
cari   May 11th 2008, 4:41am

i'm sure i'm like a lot of people, addicted to magazines.  i subscribe to bike magazine since i'm an avid mountain biker.  well maybe not avid.. anyway i'm getting pretty excited about this upcoming summer to go out to my favorite trails, find new trails just have a lot of fun out there.  this edition is dedicated to pain.  the cover says "pure, sweet, PAIN.. a tribute to suffering, adversity and the rewards for risking it all."  well i started reading.. and one of the first stories is about a guy that is 22 and has torn his ACL four times.  what i related to was his response to a question about the pain he felt when he hurt his knee. he said, "i have a really high threshhold for pain; i usually don't even hurt, even with all these surgeries. what hurts most is just knowing that something is wrong with your body.  that's the most frustrating thing"


its so true!  i think its why we're addicted to chiropractors to physical therapy, its why we become training room junkies.  nothing is more unsettling to an athlete than the feeling that something is wrong with his/her body.  you put all the time in training, in getting mentally prepared, but you cannot predict when injury will occur.  on monday i was throwing and my back got stuck.  it sucks a lot!  i was really ready to throw, my strength was great!  my lower back was finally strong.  my technique was coming together and in one day, one throw its back to square one if i can even get there.  right now the muscles around my spine are releasing but there is still something wrong with my back.  i know it and no one else can feel it.  i can point to the spot, i can tell people how it feels, that my hand gets tingly when i throw..   but no one can fix it.  nobody else can feel how wrong this feels.  how many times can you get injured before you lose the motivation to fight back?  another story in the magazine features a guy that lost his leg and got a prosthesus.. no big story there except that doctors told him they couldn't make an artificial leg that would allow him to keep riding. that didn't stop him though, he designed and created a limb that would allow him to ride still so he could keep doing the thing that he loved.  do you stop when people tell you there is nothing they can do, because do they really know what you're feeling?  no.  they don't know your limits, they only know your hypothetical limits.

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