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Weekend runs

Published by
annathegazelle   Mar 25th 2012, 9:27am

The weekend is the normal time runners get in their long runs.  The long run is one of my favorite runs because even after you have done countless long runs in years of training, each is its own challenge.  It may be your physical, mental, or emotional state that day that effects the way the run goes.  It may be the weather, the traffic, a trip, or a dog that changes the way your run goes.  In training with the Hanson Brooks plan, it lays out back to back Saturday and Sunday longer runs leading up to a peak of around 16-18 miles, then around a three week short taper (still running good miles).  This weekend I did a ten mile long run in 1:18.  It was a hilly route, but one of my oldest and favorite out and backs.  In the afternoon completed a short 4 mile cool down run in 27:30.  Today (sunday) the same mileage is planned. Hoping for strong miles for David and me this morning and later afternoon.  Happy spring running to all! Cool 

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