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Fantasy Track?!
So I have an update! A good one too! I'm still injured! Yes, unfortunately the IT band is still under the weather, along with my immune system. I have caught some kind of bug which flared up over the weekend, so Vitamin C and Nyquill have been my ...
Jan 29th 2008, 4:19am 450 views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
It's me snitches
Whats up my people? I am going through what appears to be a period of the dumps. I currently am nursing an IT band injury, have had my girlfriend make the long hike back to New Jersey so she can start school (after a visit out here), am sick, an...
Jan 21st 2008, 1:30am 538 views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
What a fall
Whats up!?
As I am in my room waiting for the warm water to return to the pipes so I can take a shower, I am reflecting back on the past three months and trying to take in what really just actually happened.
As many of you who check this blog out or h...
Dec 15th 2007, 11:58pm 614 views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
Nike Team Nationals 2007 Recap
Man oh man! I really just had a crazy weekend which began Friday morning after practice. We were doing our pillar drills at about 9 in the morning and I got a call that we would be heading up to Nike Team Nationals to help cover it. I really didn't...
Dec 2nd 2007, 8:47pm 2K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
I threw up!
Every fall the big thing I don't look forward to is the workout that makes me puke. Coming out here I realized that it might be sooner than later knowing I would be doing harder workouts in terms of length and I would be doing greater quantities of...
Nov 30th 2007, 4:15am 620 views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
My History
Hello again,
In my last blog I talked about my transition from sprinting to my new home of middle distance running vaguely and I wanted to go more in depth with the change-over and the process of almost learning a whole new sport.
I think there is a r...
Nov 27th 2007, 2:41am 536 views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
The Project
Hello Everyone,
I was just thinking about what to write my next blog on and realized that I may be of most help to runners who are thinking of changing events or continuing to run after college or even high school. I myself was the type of athlete in h...
Nov 24th 2007, 3:21am 628 views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
Congrats U of O, National Champs!
Hello again,
So I am finally back to running again after taking about three days off. Its amazing how long it takes your system to recover from everything. Either way it is great to be back training with everyone and I am looking forward to the next mo...
Nov 19th 2007, 10:19pm 949 views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
Food Poisoning
Hello All,
So ever since I have gotten to Eugene we have had a Tuesday night tradition of going to this place called 6th street something and something, which we affectionately call "Burger and Brew" for its Tuesday night special of a burger and a beer...
Nov 16th 2007, 4:52am 557 views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments