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Hello there runners... Yeah I'm not that good with intros. My name is Austin Bolus and I love to run cross country. Not so much track but that's just me. I'm in the eight grade, as of right now, and I run competitive 3k's (1.86 miles). Cross country is my most favorite sport of all and is loads of fun. I live in a small township called North Abington Township. It's small, and if your a runner and live here, you go on for MILES. Oh yeah, I also run long distance track. It's not my favorite sport, but it keeps me in shape, and offers some fun as well. I attend Abington Heights Middle School in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. Just message me if you want to know more about myself. 


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First Track Meet (info)
Mar 31st 2012, 3:01am
Wow. Sorry. But yo!
Mar 10th 2012, 8:12pm
Here we go
Mar 4th 2012, 2:14am
Feb 18th 2012, 6:13pm

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bolusxc posted a comment Aug 21st 2013, 3:19pm
You are very gay
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BolusTrackXC posted a blog Mar 31st 2012, 3:06am
So guess what... My first track meet is on Monday! So excited. I was put on the scoring 4x800 team and one of the three scoring 800 runners. On my 4x8 team, I'm the only 8th grader out of the other three freshman. And there are two other scoring freshm...
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BolusTrackXC posted a blog Mar 24th 2012, 6:14pm
Okay so... Track and Field. I was awfully sick for the first week of practice with a fever and other things as well. I came back this past week and I was pretty sore. On thursday, we had an in team scrimmage. Since I am in distance, all the distance we...
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BolusTrackXC posted a blog Mar 10th 2012, 8:25pm
Okay, so... Tuesday, at track, we ran little bits of laps at different locations of my school. I lead my group in all the locations. Thursday, we did hills. 2 sets of 3. In my group, I would start the first one like 4th or 5th, then the last two I woul...
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BolusTrackXC posted a blog Mar 4th 2012, 2:29am
Last night might have been my last time going snowboarding.. Yeah I snowboard haha. I did a six mile run to my state park today. The weather today was awesome! It was warm! A little cold breeze, but running in the wind is awesome. Track this coming wee...
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BolusTrackXC posted a blog Feb 18th 2012, 6:24pm
Had my meeting... Forgot to blog haha sorry. Alright well there's a meeting again on the 27th for boys to make sure forms and physicals and shit are turned in. Then practice starts March 5th. It'll only be Tues. and Thurs. for boys and Mon. and Wed. fo...
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BolusTrackXC posted a blog Feb 15th 2012, 10:02pm
Track and Field is coming up pretty soon. Tomorrow, before my lunch period, there will be a meeting for boys interested in doing track. Last year, I had fun in track and I plan on having a lot more this year haha. From what I hear from the girls, (who ...
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BolusTrackXC posted a blog Dec 23rd 2011, 4:11pm
Well the holidays are here! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannaka (I think that's how you spell it), and what ever you celebrate, keep running =).
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