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jessehj1 posted a news article - Jan 23 2013, 08:40 AM
Competing for the first time since winning a silver medal in the London Olympics, Erik Kynard faced just one other competitor in Ahearn Field House on Saturday afternoon for the Wildcat Invitational. Oklahoma State’s Taylor Buck was done jum...
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jessehj1 posted a video - Jun 4 2012, 04:57 PM
A few jumps from the Doha Diamond League meeting.  May 11 2012
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sariansche posted a comment - Jun 1 2012, 11:58 AM
hey guy how are u doing??? do you improve well and make an indoor season??? i hope i can beat an croatian ass :)

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Shane posted a comment - Jun 1 2012, 11:58 AM
Found a video of your jump from yesterday and uploaded it to the site, I was wondering if you could tell which jump it was so I could enter the height in the title/description of the video.
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Matt posted a comment - Jun 1 2012, 11:58 AM
Nice article in the Register Guard. I'm with you.
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ryanwestman posted a comment - Jun 1 2012, 11:58 AM
Hey I am in the process of getting the video from this week's jumper of the week from Rutgers. Hopefully I should have it by early next week. Good luck this weekend!
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Hannah Valenzuela posted a comment - Jun 1 2012, 11:58 AM
hi!! voting has begun in the BOULDER RUNNING CAMP contest, please vote me HANNAH V> my entry talks about making the Footlocker team.. please help me..
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kansasboi posted a comment - Jun 1 2012, 11:58 AM
Yo if you can please delete the comment I posted today about Guest, I read his comment wrong.
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jessehj1 posted a video - May 6 2012, 04:24 PM
Reigning NCAA High Jump National Champion and reigning Big 12 Conference Champion, Erik Kynard high jumps over 6'11 K-State men's basketball player, JO.
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01/28 US Open, New York, NY 2.29m (7-6) 1st place

02/04 Arnstadt, GER 2.24m (7-4.25) 6th place

02/08 Banska Bystica, SLO 2.31m (7-7) 2nd place

02/11 Millrose Games, New York, NY 2.32m (7-7.25) 1st place

02/25 USA Champs Albuquerque, NM 2.29m (7-6) 1st place

03/10 IAAF Indoor World Champs Qualifying 2.29m (7-6) made finals

03/11 IAAF Indoor World Champs Finals 2.31m (7-7) =6th place

Outdoor Meetings

05/11 Doha, QAT Diamond League 2.30m (7-6.5) 2nd place

05/31 Rome, ITA Diamond League 2.31m (7-7) =2nd place

06/09 New York, NY Diamond League 2.36m (7-8.75) 1st place

06/23 Olympic Trials Qualifying

06/25 Olympic Trials Finals

07/20 Monaco Diamond League

08/05 Olympic Games Qualifying

08/07 Olympic Games Finals


Who I Am...

My name is Jesse Williams I am 27 year old

I have made 6 World Championships teams (3 indoors, 3 outdoors) and an Olympic team

2005 Outdoor World Champs Helsinki, Finland (Did not make the finals)

2007 Outdoor World Champs Osaka, Japan (Did not make the finals)

2008 Indoor World Champs Valencia, Spain (6th place 2.27m (7-5.25))

2008 Olympics Beijing, China (Did not make the finals)

2010 Indoor Worlds Doha, Qatar (5th place 2.28m (7-5.75))

2011 Outdoor World Champs Daegu, Korea (1st place 2.35m (7-8.5)) GOLD

2012 Indoor Worlds Istanbul, Turkey (=6th place 2.31m (7-7))

My Progression since starting the high jump

1994: Outdoors 1.38m (4-6) 10 years old

1995: Outdoors 1.48m (4-10) 11 years old

1996: Outdoors 1.58m (5-2) 12 years old

1997: Outdoors 1.68m (5-6) 13 years old

1998: Outdoors 1.73m (5-8) 14 years old

1999: Outdoors 1.98m (6-6) 15 years old

2000: Outdoors 2.05m (6-8.75) 16 years old

2001: Indoors 2.05m Outdoors 2.18m 17 years old

2002: Indoors 2.13m Outdoors 2.21m 18 years old

2003: Indoors 2.21m Outdoors 2.24m 19 years old

2004: Indoors 2.19m Oudoors 2.24m 20 years old

2005: Indoors 2.26m Outdoors 2.30m 21 years old

2006: Indoors 2.29m Outdoors 2.32m 22 years old

2007: Indoors 2.29m Outdoors 2.33m 23 years old

2008: Indoors 2.32m Outdoors 2.30m 24 years old

2009: Indoors 2.36m Outdoors 2.34m 25 years old

2010: Indoors 2.34m Outdoors 2.30m 26 years old

2011: Indoors 2.34m Outdoors 2.37m 27 years old

2012: Indoors 2.32m Outdoors 2.30m 28 years old


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