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Internet at last! (Feb 16th 2009, 5:15pm)
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Internet at last!

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jessehj1   Feb 16th 2009, 5:15pm

I have not had the internet for a week now!  I have a blackberry so I can use the internet and email on it, but its just not the same.  I finally got back into Sweden they are always good for internet use, its streaming everywhere!  Thank you Sweden!

I compete here in Stockholm on Wednesday against a great field that is still taking shape.  I know for sure I will be dueling again against Linus Thornblad who last time I jumped against we both jumped 2.36m for then a tie for the world lead.  I think we both again will be ready to battle it out again!  

I do however have one concern for myself.  I have had 4 competitions in 11 days and this will be my 5th competition in 15 days and I feel the fatigue.  My body is 100% healthy but is not nearly 100% rested.  Its a mental game for me now.  I have to be the strongest mentally and not let my body fatique affect my game plan.  If I will be strong mentally I am sure for another great result. 

I have just been gaining momentum every meet.  Opening up at 2.32m, then 2.34m, 2.36m and on Saturday with a poorly run competition making 2.30m for another victory. 

I am really looking forward to Wednesday there is a buzz in the media here about the show down between myself and Linus.  I think this could be a rivalry for years to come but time will tell.  Tomorrow we will have a press conference for Linus and I that will be interesting to see what questions will be asked. 

The buzz out here is huge but I know there is no buzz in the USA.  I am tired of seeing headlines of distance runners setting American records with video interviews, newspaper articles and a rediculous amount of attention that us high jumpers will never get.  I am happy that these distance runners are doing so well and am happy that it is getting so much attention but I just want some respect fo us high jumpers.  On a world stadge the high jump in the USA is having a year that is much more impressive then distance running in the USA will ever see.  With myself jumping 2.36m, Andra Manson 2.31m and Tora Harris 2.32m we get absolutely no attention for such great jumping in comparison.  I am getting really tired of this.  No headlines no articles nothing.  I am not saying we need more attention than distance runners or anyone else I am just asking for something!  This kind of year that us USA jumpers are having does not happen very often and to get no respect over it is a slap in the face for all the work that we put into jumping! 

Anyways I wont keep my fingers crossed because I am probably certain that no matter how high we jump and no matter what records or medals we win it will always be overshadowed but other events,especially distance running.  

Recently there have been three prized money meets in the USA.  These are the only meets that professional track and field athletes can make money from.  The Boston Reebox games, Millrose games and the Tyson Invite make up a series called the Visa Championship series.  This is how the Visa Championship series works according to USATF.org

"The top American male finisher and top American female finisher in each event of the Visa Championship Series, including the USA Indoor Track & Field Championships, will have their performances assigned a point total based on the IAAF Scoring Tables of Athletics. The athlete whose performance has the highest point total at the end of the Visa Championship Series will be named the Visa Champion."

Who ever has the highest point value wins the Visa Championship series and an amount of $25,000.  There are many events that only have one shot at winning this amount of money because they are left out of these meets, Boston, NYC, Tyson...  I have been a pro athlete going on 4 years now and I have yet to get a sniff of one of these indoor competitions.  4 years!  This year with my 2.36m jump I would be in the lead of the Visa Championship series but since we do not get any chance to even compete in one of these meets its not even possible for me to win this money unless I duplicate this preformance at the USA indoor meet.  I do not think that this is fair I get one chance while some people are given 4 chances!  This is simply put not fair.  I might not be in as great a shape by the USA nationals but you can bet I am going to try and make a big statement and win this Visa Championship series.  Maybe then I could make one headline! 

I will not be regularly blogging on this but felt the need for it today.  I want to say again that I love every event and always wish well for everyone in the sport I just feel like high jumpers get the shaft given to them too much and felt the need to let it out.  Thanks for reading and will write again soon!

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