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Getting there can be the hardest part

Published by
jessehj1   Mar 20th 2009, 7:14pm

he flowers are blooming the birds are singing its spring time as the outdoor season officially begins.  I am up in Eugene and its finally starting to get a little warmer!  The weather here has been quite miserable at times and we have all been longing for the clouds to let in some sun.  Its been quite the change for me moving up here after living in Los Angeles for 4 years.  I am in desperate need of some sun as my skin starts getting closer and closer to the color of my whitest t shirt!

Here this weekend there is there is the Oregon Preview meet.  Its a smaller meet with limited field sizes and I am excited to watch.  Meanwhile across the nation there are 43+ outdoor meets including the Trojan Invite at my ole USC!  (the meet where I have my outdoor PB 2.33m 2007)  Those regional qualifying marks are going to start coming in fast.  Jerome Miller is back competing at the NCAA level and will be wanting to prove again that he is a legit candidate for the title outdoors along with Scott Sellers who won last weekend in College Station.  There are many more trying to do the same exact thing. 
The indoor NCAA meet this year was very weak as far a marks were concerned with 2.14m getting 2nd place and 2.09 getting 8th.  I remember not that long ago in 2006 when I was a senior at USC Will Littleton was clean through 2.20m and got 8th place and 2.23m getting 7th place.  But this is how high jump is sometimes.  It cycles around from year to year.  The outdoor NCAA meet will be better than indoor meet I will bet on that.  Someone or hopefully many will step up there game to another level this outdoor season.  After seeing the marks from this indoor meet I am sure people are putting up a fit saying aww I could have been top 8 easy if I was at that meet.  Bottom line is that they were not there and thats the hardest part, getting there.  I have been to the biggest meets in the world saying this same thing.  Like at the Olympic games last year I did not make the finals but decided to watch them from the stands.  I found myself saying aww man if I was in the final I would have done this or that.  But I did not make the finals!  I probably could have done well there in the finals but sometimes thats the hardest thing....just getting there.  Thats why for me personally thats my goals for this year as I talked about in my last blog...making it to the World Champs finals. 
So I wish everyone success in their upcoming training and competitions for the outdoor season. 
Get there!
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