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Virginia Men's XC Coach Pete Watson on Virginia Panorama and Washington Invite - Washington XC Invitational 2014
Anthony Peters Men's 10000 Race Walk - 2014 IAAF World Junior Championships
Jason Richardson and Aries Merritt - Pre-Meet Press Conference - Run TrackTown High Performance Meet 2014
Jason Richardson and Aries Merritt Intro- Pre-Meet Press Conference - 2014 IAAF World Junior Championships
Christian Taylor - Pre-Meet Press Conference - Run TrackTown High Performance Meet 2014

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Who I Am...

Track and Field History

1.  I was the stat guy for Oregon track meets from 2001 to 2009.  I provided background information and give information for Paul Swangard to announce including information on where marks stand on the UO and national lists. I have also helped with all major meets at Oregon including NCAA, US, and Prefontaine meets. 

2. I worked for CBS as the stat guy for the 2005 to 2007 telecasts in Sacramento.

3. I have announced at Willamette University since 2003.

4. I worked for Comcast Sportsnet as their Graphics coordinator for the 2008 Olympic Trials.  I had a graphic several times that indicated interesting stats related to upcoming event finals called "Schneider's Stats"

5. I believe in Bill Bowerman's idea that you prepare athletes for the Olympics.  He took local athletes and made them great.  He didn't recruit overseas.  If athletes came from other countries he trained them but he didn't look for them.  The University of Oregon has always taken that philosophy.  Other schools have recruited other countries to win championships.  Take the "Track Capital of the World", that's great for them but not what I prefer.  There are a lot of great coaches that have taken that other philosophy and they have had great success.  In 2009 I met the two best at that and I really learned a lot from their attitude and personality and I am better for it. 

"Go Oregon"


Other Track History

Ran for Interlake High School - Brad Barquist first started running as a junior on our team when I was a senior.     FYI - Barquist was a multi-time competitor in the US championships in the 10,000 meters

Team manager for UO Men from 1986-1991 There for 1986 and 1990 Pac-10 championships.  Helped John Gillespie with jumps, sprints, and hurdles.  third place finish at 1991 NCAA championships was tremendous. 


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Ads commented on a news article - Oct 19 2014, 09:55 PM
Chip issue results in 24 for colorado?
Website:Click here Results by: Branch Sports Technology ...
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Colorado 38, Oregon 88, Georgetown 143, 4 Furman 257, 5 Colorado State 267, 6 Tulsa 267
Colorado 2-4-8-11-13- (78) ?
Oregon 1-3-18-25-41- (76-82)
At 5k Prakel was 31st not sure about the drop back
Chip issue results in 24 for colorado?
Cheserek wins in 24:04.5, 2nd Theroux 24:06.1, Jenkins 24:09.4, Saarel 24:15.3, Mascari 24:16.3, McClintock 24:16.7, Rotich 24:19.0, Moussa 24:21.8, Peterson Butler 24:23.8, 10 Marc Scott Tulsa 24:24.5, 11 Murphy col 24:25.6, 14 Winter Col 24:26.9, 18 Winn Oregon 24:40.2, 20 Bile Georgetown 24:43.2, 25 Pepiot Oregon 24:48.0
At 5k Ammar Moussa of Colorado into lead from middle of the pack. Colorado moved top 6 into top 16 (52), Oregon moved top 4 into top 18 (73) with Cheserek and Jenkins 3-4, Georgetown (128) moved their whole top 5 into top 29. Furman fell back to 4th with 231
At 3k Rotich took lead of still a large pack. Colorado now 101, Oregon 117, Furman 132, Georgetown moved up to 6th with 271
At 2k Furman had lead with 64, Colorado 135, Oregon 184, Georgetown 365 with a large pack strung out.
Women Team 1. Georgetown 110 2. Oregon 139, 3. Michigan 143 4. Colorado 186 5. Nc State 233 6. Princeton 288 7. Baylor 302
Georgetown was always in lead but Oregon moved up to 2nd from fourth as same four teams stayed in top 4 from 3k on
Final Results Women - 1. Rachel Johnson Baylor 20:21.1
2. Curham 20:36.4 3. Coogan 20:37.7 4. Finn 20:43.3 5 Bethan Knights Cal 20:51.3 6. Voronko 20:52.3 7 Erin Clark 20:54.1 8 Elizabeth Chikotas 21:00.9 9. Kaitlyn Fischer 21:01.6 10. Shanahan 21:02.8 11. Sara 21:03.6 12. Thompson NC St 21:04.1 13 Roper Rice 21:05.1
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