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NCAA Women Championship Predictions - Post Conference

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Ads   Nov 4th 2011, 1:40am

1. Florida State - Finished 2-6 at ACC but :20 spead and first runner (Winslow) :27 behind Schaaf

2. Providence - Depending on Shelby Greany’s health if they can win title.  Second at Big East after Greany was 25th, If Greany runs with Sisson like last year, they are #1 at Big East and NCAA.

3. Colorado - Experienced depth behind top-2 but without ’10 top runner Tremblay it will be tough to trophy

4. Villanova - 1st at Big East, but their bg problem is their fifth runner.  At Pac-12 Colorado’s #5 runner ran 20:30 at Big East Villanova #5 ran 20:54

5 Iowa State - 1st at Big 12 because Depth has come through without Tesfaye 

6. Washington - 2nd at Pac-12 as 6 finished in the top 30.  Their depth made up for two of top five runners having a bad meet at Pac-12.

7.Stanford - 3rd at P-12 as freshmen not developing as quickly as expected

8. Georgetown - Injuries and inconsistent performances covered by strong depth and finished third at Big East

9. New Mexico With Oeding they have a chance to trophy but without her in the weak Big West they had 5 in top 12.  Senior 1st (20:47) and Ainsworth 12th (+ :57), first four (7th place) 27.7 spread, but missing Oeding at Big West, Ainsworth was fifth at :57.7.  

10 Vanderbilt - Took 5 of top 9 spots at SEC (:29 spread Rogers to Smith)

11. Texas - At Big 12 top two runners ran poorly but other runners stepped up to help team finish 2nd

12. Oklahoma St - Great performance at Big 12 (3rd) against two top ten teams  showed how the young runners are developing

13. Syracuse 383 =4th at Big East

14. Oregon - 4th in brutal Pac-12 that has three teams in top seven nationally.  The team is not as high up without expected star freshmen Woodward

15  West Virginia - The team ran well at Big East still finished tied for fourth at Big East

16.  Arizona - If they had NCAA vets Meyer and Moen they could challenge for a trophy.  Kibet struggling after starting the season well means 5th at Pac-12.

17. Boston College - Second at ACC but average time :31 behind Florida State

18. Michigan State - Wins weak Big 10 womens title

19. California - Ranking is an expectation that of the top collegiate runners, Maier, will make the NCAA meet after missing Pac-12, and team 7th at PAc-12

20. Michigan - 2nd at Big 10 

  1. Virginia - With Gay running


North Carolina - Schaaf way out ahead to win ACC then other four Tar Heels finished within :08 as team finished 2nd at ACC

BYU - Lost West Coast Conf to San Fran after #2 runner did not run (Bowen) and rest of team did not run aggressively

Duke - top two runners from last year (Seymour and Bottorff) have not run this year

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