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XC Shoes
Jan 16th 2010, 2:08am

Who I Am...



Cross Country

3 Mile
  24   21:22.27 Sep 11 Trask Mountain Assault...

5,000 Meters
  6   17:16 Sep 15 Midwestern/Southern Or...
  3 * 16:05.0 Sep 18 Saxon Invite
  8   16:17 Oct 2 Brooks Harrier Classic



“The only good race pace is suicide pace, and today looks like a good day to die.”-Prefontaine


"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"


"Some people create with words or with music or with a brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run. I like to make people stop and say, 'I've never seen anyone run like that before.' It's more than just a race, it's a style. It's doing something better than anyone else. It's being creative."


"Bill Bowerman was, and is, and ever shall be a generous, ornery, profane, beatific, unyielding, antic, impenetrably complex Oregon original. As a freshman, I found him deeply disturbing. Once he bet me a case of Nutrament that I couldn't break 2.00 for the 880 on a freezing Saturday morning. I ran with control, hitting the 440 in 60. I could feel myself accelerating in the last lap. Near the finish I knew I'd done it. I slowed and turned, gasping to hear the time. "2.00,3" he said. "Good try." I leaped on him, screaming made insane with outrage. He allowed me to wrestle the watch away from him. It read 1.56,6."

-Kenny Moore



"Nothing compares to puting your ass on the line"


"You have Crosby and Logan in your race...Chase them"


"I'm taking you, you know why?, because your a Gamer"


I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stilled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time

 -Jack London