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Hey RS'ers! Need a job? Then why not whack off the Beaverton School District?! :P

Are any of you Runnerspacers out there unemployed?  Do you need a job you SHOULD be able to count on but can't?  Are you about to have a heart attack from an over 4 year lack of  vulgar, angry blogs by empb28?   Well what y...
Sep 18th, 6:06pm 146 views 0 likes 0 shares 0 comments
A scitentific Review of Three Shitty New Bands we were cursed with in 2010

A scholarly artice by EMPB28
Jul 9th 2011, 12:26am 6K views 0 likes 1 shares 1 comments
THE END IS COMING! 05.03.2011!! :O
Move over 12/21/2012, a much more horrible and evil judgment date has been established!  The human race will be begging for an apocalypse where fire rains from the sky and four horsemen drop in for a visit when a horrific, heinous event occur...
Feb 27th 2011, 3:28am 2K views 0 likes 1 shares 1 comments
'Tis about freaking time for an X-Mas Blog From EMPB28!

Here it is folks!  What better way is there to celebrate Christmas 2010 than with the first EVER Christmas blog from your good ol' unnecessarily violent blogger EMPB28?  Well maybe shoving a life-size candy canes up the U o...
Dec 20th 2010, 5:41am 2K views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
It's Been a "Wish I could shove a baseball bat up FOX Broadcasting CEO's mile-wide ass" kind of day for EMPB28!
Today, the sector of the human race tuned into FOX was forced to watch 9 GODDAMN HOURS of BASEBALL.  Notice how I capitalized certain letters in that last sentence.  This was simply to indicate how pissed and shitted off I...
Oct 24th 2010, 4:07am 1K views 0 likes 1 shares 1 comments
Gettin' Sing a ma Jiggy Wit it
Despite the fact that will still have three months until Christmas, predictions for X-Mas 2010's most wanted toys have been made.   I'll probably have hung myself to avoid listening to all the sucky Chirstmas commercial jingles by then.&...
Sep 25th 2010, 2:11am 1K views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments