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Who I Am...

Do you have a really dirty carpet?  Need to clean up a big mess in a small amount of time?  And are you tired of using the standard noisy vaccum cleaner to get these types of jobs done? Well, for those of you lucky enough to be reading this right now, you're dirty house floor prayers have been answered!  Introducing: My times in the 400 and 200!  They SUCK!  They suck so bad that they'll pick up any kind of dirt, dust or other small particle right off the ground.  They're not like Jeremy Wariner's PR's in the 200/400 which don't suck at all!  My 200 and 400 PR's will suck that dirt right off your floor and leave not even the most microscopic particles behind.  Think I'm kidding you?  Just check out my 400 and 200 times from any meets in the '08 season and you'll see their sucking power!  In fact, my 400 PR isn't even under a minute! WOAH!  Now, you're probably thinking that all the sucking power you recieve with my 200 and 400 meter PR's costs a fortune.  But if you call our number now, you'll recieve my 200 and 400 PR's for 1,000,000 easy payments of just one frickin dollar!  WHAT A DEAL! But wait there's more!  If you call within the next 30 milleniums, we'll throw in my 100 PR absolutely free (Free meaning that my 100 PR is not in jail and able to roam about the Earth as it wishes;-)).  My 100 PR not only sucks as much as my 200/400 PR's, it blows as well!  You'd be a worse sucker than my 100/200/400 PR's to pass up this wonderful value.  So call 1-774-090-889-675-897-908-666-7789-0903-4456-6117-9004-8767-9098-6773-7786-9099-4456-7865-2345-6789-1221-2354-3247-0000-13-69-420-666-1111-88-444-777897456432156-0095-7789000-75444-0888789061442765433333-99887656458990-888-2 today and start experiencing the raw suckness of my 100/200/400 PR's! Don't dealy, call today! (I'm gonna hang myself pretty soon cause I'm so slow so call A.S.A.P.!;-))



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