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Mammone liked a video May 29th 2014, 2:01am
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April 19, 2014, Bellmore, NY - Three years ago it started as a wild dream, but now it has become a wild race. Boys race 3200 meters while girls race 3000. At the end of each lap (first 200 for girls) the last place person must stop running. Boys have g...
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Mammone commented on a video Dec 15th 2013, 2:22am
Boys, that video was incredible!!! Congrats on an amazing job with your epic short film!
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"The Race Walking Dead" Episode 1: Hips Don't LieWatch Episode 2: Take The Trails Guest StarringTom Heinonen - University of Oregon Hall of Fame Coach Lauren Fleshman - Two Time US 5k ChampionJesse Thomas - Triathlete (Three Time Wildflower Long Cour...
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5 comment(s)
Miami Valley TC
@ Matt: Hips Don't Lie, had such potential.

Looking forward to the future:

Will runningspace.com finally do a feature illustrating all of the opportunities that are available to endurance athletes in race walking?

RunningSpace.com should do a story and place it prominently on its web page about what could happen to America's medal count in the Olympics and the IAAF World Championships if the USA seriously invested in winning any of the 9 medals available in race walking? Just think what a training group of 12 post collegiate male and 12 post collegiate females could obtain if they decided they really did want to be Olympians.

Why should a distance runner consider leaning how to walk? Sometimes all it takes is switching to an event where there isn't so much competition ahead of you. And right now race walking is an event with $60,000 in prize money being awarded each year by USATF alone. And there aren't even enough 20 somethings to claim all of the money. Yeah, prize money in the three race walk events is the same as is awarded in the 100m dash, the 1,500m run and the 10,000. So if you are going home broke after nationals, maybe you could afford your own copy of Hips Don't Lie by becoming a race walker.

Amazingly - the NCAA even allows its T&F athletes to earn prize money as race walkers while they are actively participating as scholarship holding T&F athletes in college.

So here is the real horror story for all of the collegiate Zombie runners in T&F. You could actually be making money by race walking to supplement those 1/4 to 1/3 scholarships (if you are so lucky to get that much) - but how many of you have been told that by your NCAA college coaches?

Nah, they want you to be penniless and broke.

Maybe you should look into and take up race walking - the toughest of all endurance events in T&F.

If you have any questions - or want to know how to get started you can contact me (19 years at the same NAIA college coaching race walking) at mv_tc@sbcglobal.net
Daniel B.
Ian, Tom, Lauren, Jesse, Matt... humor and a smile...... Max King and his bow in episode 2!!! Bring it on!!!
Boys, that video was incredible!!! Congrats on an amazing job with your epic short film!
gramp gram
Great show. Made two old folks laugh.
Pumped at how this whole series turned out. Everyone watching should expect every episode to be a MUST WATCH!
Mammone commented on a news article Nov 14th 2013, 3:55am
Looks awesome!! Great job crew!!
If you've been a fan of RunnerSpace over the last six years you have seen the incredible growth of the site and also have been a part of the learning curve.  Almost two years ago we began working on the new site you see today. The first step of th...
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10 comment(s)
Looks awesome!! Great job crew!!
Love Anchorman! Looks great!
Went through the site it's fantastic Ross your the best. I am proud of the the site and you for your accomplishments. Your the greatest runnerspace CEO ever.
:) thanks dad
Ian Terpin
Sweet! Looking way better
Donal Pearce
Highly anticipated--greatly appreciated! :-)
Scott Joerger
This is AWESOME!!
I've seen it and it looks Great ! Thanks to everyone for making it happen.
Thanks for being such a big part of all the "bug hunts" :).
Mike Giannone posted a comment Jun 1st 2012, 12:22pm

HEY MAMMONE!...i heard u heard about my 400m the other night? lol...the team did great this year especially considering i was the only senior on the 4x400 team.  I also ran 400ih and 110hh and made it back for finals in 110 but reallyscrewed up big time. The team did overall well!...so hows ur running going? Werent u running that steeple last time I heard?

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Mike Giannone posted a comment Jun 1st 2012, 12:22pm

yea it was fun to run a 53 to MAYBE end my senior year...yea i got a new number (516)503-9165...but State quals is tuesday and thursday and so far we made it...i also might have made the 400ih and 110hh but the second day of counties was in the finals for 110's and almost tripped and lost my footting so didnt do to well=/ but other than that this seasons been good...ran a 7sec pb in the 400 since last year lol PLUS i havent ran anything over 400m's!!! lol

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111 posted a comment Jun 1st 2012, 12:22pm

Thanks for the advice! I've read the SAME article about the 6 pack being from genetics, exercise & nutrition also...My genetics are for me to NOT have one..because nobody in my family is naturally thin, except for me, if I'm not TOTALLY washboard ripped...no biggie..I just want less fat on my body & defined abs, legs, arms, etc hehehe

I do remember when I started running, and I was still eating badly, I could run FOREVER..but now that the sugar is cut out...WOW...it makes a HUGE difference...it takes so much more effort...but I'm trying not to spike my blood sugar, so my body doesn't save my food as fat! I'm gonna keep trying to work through the no sugar running blues & see where it takes me! I'll let you know how it goes!!

PS..How did the no sugar running work out for you? More definition...decline in bodyfat %? Or..just made running not as great as when you eat a bit of bad food?

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Brittinie posted a comment Jun 1st 2012, 12:22pm

Lol thanks! It's all true.

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Wizzo800 - Mark Wieczorek posted a comment Jun 1st 2012, 12:22pm

haha..i need to find a pic first :(

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