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WOW!! Only the 3rd day of the Trials (Jun 29th 2008, 8:34pm)
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WOW!! Only the 3rd day of the Trials

Published by
Mammone   Jun 29th 2008, 8:34pm

So it's only the third day of the trials and I feel like so much has happened since. I was walking around the festival on Friday and there were soooo many people there- a bit overwhelming actually.

The track races have been great: Tyson's Gay american record in the 100 during the heats and Jeff Demps new high school American Record. It was awesome to see the pure joy on Kara Goucher's face when she realized that teammate Amy Begley achieved the A standard and made it.

I was hoping that Chanelle Price would have advanced in the women's 800 but the trip up took more out of her then I thought. I was also hpoing that Lisa Koll from Iowa State would have ran better in the 10k- she had a great college year and I was hoping she would extend her season.

Now for a few other items NOT on the track. I read an article about the parking situation around Hayward Field and how horrible it is. It said that if you park in the wrong place then you will pay $12 for the ticket. Well it's $20 to pay for parking anywhere else. SOOOOO I was thinking I can park almost wherever I want for however long I want and only pay the $12 ticket. NO I HAVE NOT DONE THIS AND I AM NOT SUGGESTING YOU DO THIS but the idea definitely crossed my mind.

I was able to go to the adidas house where there was a press conference with Tyson Gay. He showed off some new adidas gear and also spoke about  the trials, Usain Bolt and may other topics. The interview was cool but the frat house that adidas rented looked awesome.

Two other events that I really enjoyed was visiting the wooden statue athletes. It's so hard to really put it into words but if your in Eugene make sure you stop by Birch and Fairmount. It's very amazing.

I have been by the adidas tent at the Villard Street Pub the past few days checking out that whole scene. On Saturday they had a Hootie 5k run. What is a hootie?? Well after talking to a few different people I finally got an answre but it took some time. It was just a really fun 5k with all different people doing it. There were past Olympians like Gary Fanelli, well known Brooks coach Kevin Hanson and many other runners. What a great day!!

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