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BorderClash 10 - Boys - Version 2(Length: 01:53 |Views: 3781)
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BorderClash 10

Published by
Kevin Jantzer   Nov 24th 2008, 2:47pm

Nike BorderClash 10

I had my dSLR camera with me too, but I decided to video instead of take pictures. This even is just TOO cool to not video.

The video mostly focues on Oregon, especially Elliott Jantzer (my bro) and Drew Jordan (friend). Hope you like it

Note: I do not claim rights to the BorderClash 10 logo at the end of the video

Nike BorderClash

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2 comment(s)

Hi Kevin, great work on the video!  Did you upload the FLV file for this?  When a FLV file is uploaded it doesn't produce a thumbnail (so I can't feature it on the main site...).  Any chance you could upload a mov file?

Nice job Kevin ~ Lori Kasler
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