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Its just pain.... right?

Published by
RunTiff   Oct 23rd 2008, 12:03am

Well, here I go again.... Runnin when I should probably be resting. It came to my knowledge today that, my team needs me.. They need me more then I expected. Conference is in three weeks and I have been out for about 6, trying to cross train and even take time completely off of running, we even got a Physical therapist involved, due to a back and glute injury. But monday, the coaching staff decided that my injury wasnt going to get worse, or better and that I am to start running....

So far, ive done two easy runs and a fartlik.. one was painless, but the other two hurt in funny ways. In my fartlik, the easy hurt way worse then the hard and on my easy runs, I was fine until I ran a hill, after the hill.... I started to tighten up again. Its just a tight feeling right now, not a stabbing pain. So, I guess thats an improvment. The trainer gives me stem and ultrasound and heat before I run and then ice massage after. Im doing everything I can.... I just have to suck it up at this point.

This isnt my first experience with a wierd injury. Sophemore year at Lane CC, I had to run at conference also, "just for points" with an injury that put me out for two months following that endevour. So, I guess Im preparing myself for about three weeks of pain here until I run my first colege XC race in about two years. I think I can do it, I know I can race.. I swore I would never do this to myself again, but I have to and I can. Coach and I talked today and yep, here I go again!

Its just pain, I can deal with pain... Hopefull they are right about this one.. Hopefully I dont come out the other side a cripple. Im trusting them here.. Its just pain.. I can deal with pain. Time to get positive, trust my coaches and prepare for a race. Oh man I love to race!!!!

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