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Well.. It happened...

Published by
RunTiff   Nov 10th 2008, 5:01am

I raced at the Naia Fronteir Conference Championship in Lewiston Idaho. It is what I consider my first real college race in nearly two years. Yes, I raced injured... kinda realized again what its like to run for something bigger then myself. Ive been out for basically the whole season with SI Joint disfuction along with all the other injuries associated with my complicated issue. I cross trained as much as i could, went to a lot of Physical therapy, was on complete rest for a while and for the last two weeks, I ran thirty minute runs to get my running legs back. Going into the race, I had no expectations for myself.. I just wanted to finish and hopefully not last.

Race day came, I was so nervous. I didnt want to hurt myself worse, I didnt want to run like crap and most of all, I didnt want to mess with my head anymore then this injury already had. But, I did it... I raced. For my team. Got on that start line, and really raced. I ran smart and went out conservative, started moving up (which was a complete surprise to me)... As I was picking people off, I stated to regain a sense of ownership over my ability to compete. My coach said that I ran the whole race with this shoked look on my face... I guess thats the only word I can use to describe my feelings is shock.. udder shock. Its been so long since I put on a team uniform and ran for others. It felt so good to get out there and know that I had a whole team there racing with me. I ran for them, they deserved to get recognition for their hard work this season.

Well, the end result of my race was a suprising second place finish on my team and 18th over all in the conference. I ran about a minute off my PR and was uderly shocked. I realized that I am an athlete with potential, that I can run smart and that coaching really helped me as a runner...  I ran a time that I was trying to beat all through my experience at Lane, without training.... I am out of shape. Maybe not as out of shape as I thought, but no where near where I could be. Its really a great feeling to know that I helped my team, we placed 4th and I am so proud of all the girls who poured their guts out on that course.

Great job Argos! These girls are tough.Many of them PR'd or were seconds away; they ran stellar races with one goal in mind.. RUN FOR EACHOTHER. It was a good day. I am so proud to be an Argo.

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