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2012 LIVE Webcast - Oxy High Performance Meet

Published by
RunnerSpace.com/Pro   May 18th 2012, 9:14pm

 Thanks for watching the


 2012 Oxy HP Live webcast!

Oxy High Performance Meet | Entries

2012 Live Results - Oxy High Performance Meet

Schedule (times are Pacific)

Women Steeple (2 sections): 6:15pm (slow to fast)

Men Steeple (2 section): 6:50pm (slow to fast)

Women 800 (3 sections): 7:20pm (equal)

Men 800 (4 sections): 7:40pm (equal)

Women 1500 (4 sections): 8:05pm (fast to slow)

Men 1500 (5 sections): 8:40pm (fast to slow)

Women 5k (1 section): 9:20pm

Men 5k (1 section): 9:40pm

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84 comment(s)
Thanks Runnerspace
Chris Nickinson
Thanks for tuning in tonight. Check out the race videos from #oxyhp2012!
Gotta give MVP of the meet to MO, runner up to Cabral in steeple
Ritz got the A !!
Chris Nickinson
13:13 for Mo Farah to take the win in the mens 5000m #oxyhp2012
How strong is Mo!!
Ritz still there!!
Teg out!?!
Chris Nickinson
3:10 at 1200m for the men #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
15:14.31 for Jackie Areson, 15:15 for Lisa Uhl, 15:23.51 for Deena Kastor #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
Big finishes for Areson and Uhl. Areson takes the win in 15:14 #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
9:49 at 3200m Kastor leads Uhl and Areson #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
9:12 at 3000m for the women #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
4:56 at 1500m for the womens 5000m #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
Steve Botezan, 3:41.14 wins 4th 1500m #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
3:34.85 for Aarrass #oxyhp2012 Torrence gets A standard
Chris Nickinson
2:36 with 1 to go #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
3rd heat 1:53 at 800 #oxyhp2012
Did Acosta sign with Nike? He was sporting a big ol Swoosh on his USA jersey..
Chris Nickinson
Brannen for the win 3:35 #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
2:39 at the bell #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
1:55 at 800 Symmonds leads #oxyhp2012
Chris Nickinson
56 at 400m in the 2nd section #oxyhp2012
Mo, Rupp and Andrews, not Leer, yes?
Chris Nickinson
Looked like Leer, results said Leer on board.
It was Andrews
Chris Nickinson
Results say Andrews. Initial result said Leer but was corrected.
Chris Nickinson
Mo Farah, Will Leer and Rupp 3:34.66!
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