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ross commented on a video Dec 29th 2015, 7:15pm
The internet was out for a few minutes, if you missed a race it will be posted for on-demand viewing later today.
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The 2015 Marine Corps Holiday Classic will be broadcast live from the New Balance Track & Field Center at The Armory in New York City on Tuesday, December 29 via ArmoryTrack.com / Runnerspace +plus. The broadcast is scheduled to...
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Terrible! The fresh/soph dmr video focused on one team for most of the race that wasn't even the leader. I didn't even see my daughter run her leg of the relay at all because the camera was following one girl as she ran around the track. HUGE WASTE of time and money. I wouldn't be so angry if it streamed for free, but to charge people to see their kids run, then not even pan to all the runners for even a moment is a disgrace.
I couldn't agree more. Same thing happened to us and NOT seeing our daughter. Waste of money.
why is broadcast so blurry?
put it on hd. better better better
Took my money ... Let me sign in and no live feed.
The internet was out for a few minutes, if you missed a race it will be posted for on-demand viewing later today.
coette white
what is going on
Guess the internet went out at the facility for a few minutes. Should be back now.
Horrible feed. Should be better for the money.
coette white
What is the world is wrong with the live pod cast, it is so slow, if your going have people pay money for something it needs to be much better than this.
You should adjust your quality down so it better matches your internet speed. The toggle for that is in the bottom right corner of the live webcast player.
So, instead of showing a VARSITY FINAL infield event, you showed a Freshman Relay Heat! I'm past my frustration and flabbergast, and the tears now STREAM down my cheeks. Terribly terribly sad, and wrong!

(Freshman have four more years of racing. Some varsity, this is their last Marine Corp Invitational.)
The webcast is set to only broadcast track events. The description under the webcast states this. Sorry for the confusion.
Ross, do you work for/on this? It should state that it shows OVAL, and that should be right up front before it takes the money.
Whoever is in-charge of the streaming needs to be smacked in the head. This is a joke! Where is the steaming for the infield events?
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ross commented on a video Nov 28th 2015, 4:03pm
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The 2015 Canadian Cross Country Championships will be broadcast live fron Kingston, Ontario on Saturday, November 28 via AthleticsCanada.tv. The live webcast will be available free of charge. The on-demand videos will only be availa...
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it would be nicer if the commentator wasn't so Ontario-centric and could figure out that there are competitors from other provinces
What about the team results?
What are the results for the Youth Boys race that just finished?
Announcer could say names of lead runners not just the leader..........
BC athlete Thomas Nobbs was not even announced in the front pack and he got 2nd
ross commented on a news article Sep 22nd 2015, 3:59pm
don't worry, we won't :)
Top US Event, Team and Rankings Management Platform Joins the RunnerSpace Family   ...
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Athletic.net has been an incredible resource. As a long time site supporter and meet host, please do not screw this site up!!
don't worry, we won't :)
Please don't screw up athletic.net. I've seen too many other "take overs" result in disaster. The Bowdoins have done an incredible job all while keeping it free. I've been a site supporter for several years so have no trouble paying but really have a bad feeling about this.
...especially if Dyestat is involved. Ugghhh...
Congratulations! I LOVE athletic.net! Will there be any changes to athletic.net? I love it just the way it is. I can't think of any changes that would make it better. Sometimes trying to tweak something that already works just makes it worst. Sooo ... do you plan to make any changes???
ross posted a comment to Oregon Relays - OregonRelays.com wallJul 30th 2015, 5:36pm
Happy to announce that the 2016 Oregon Relays will be held on April 15-16!
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ross posted a photo Jul 28th 2015, 8:05pm
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ross commented on a video Apr 21st 2015, 3:29pm
Sooo good. Great job on this one Matt!
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Oregon Relays 2015 Shot and Edited by Matt BarnhartTime Lapse by Ian TerpinMusic "Let's Make It" by Liam Aidan  
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That was so very, very well done ! Nice work guys.
great video
Sooo good. Great job on this one Matt!
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