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Playin in Dirt - Week 7 - Nov 22-28, 2010
Week Starting Monday, November 22 (Week 7)Sunday, Nov 28Mark: After
the longer run yesterday I’m just gonna back it off for an easier week
to just keep me fresh physically and mentally. So today I ran 30 minutes
pretty early with Tim nice a...
Nov 24th 2010, 6:42am 11K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Playin in Dirt - 11/21/10
Week Starting Monday, November 16 (Week 6)Sunday, Nov 21Tim:
Today was recovery run day! A nice and easy 35 mins for Mark and I.
Matt even ran with us today for 20 minutes or so. Boy was that a
treat... not to mention he was pushing the pace. He ...
Nov 17th 2010, 5:23am 12K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Playin in Dirt - 11/14/10
Week Starting Monday, November 9 (Week 5)

Nov 14th 2010, 5:05am 66K views 0 likes 3 shares 0 comments
Combined Race Analysis - NCAA D1 Pre-Nationals 2009
NCAA D-1 Pre-Nationals coverage page

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Oct 18th 2009, 10:12pm 9K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Europe Tour Finale - Matt Scherer - 7/31/09
Since my last blog after Lignano, Italy I was doing alot of traveling and racing and just never got around to writing a blog so this one will probably be a little longer as I try to recap everything from the past couple weeks. Go here for videos and re...
Jul 31st 2009, 2:02pm 3K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Lignano, Italy Race/Meet Recap
After 4 consecutive nights of up and down sleeping I think I finally will be able to get into a normal routine here in Belgium. Those 4 nights of sleep went like this: 11, 2.5, 12, 3.5. Last night I did the normal 8-9 hours and now that I won't be flyi...
Jul 14th 2009, 8:52am 2K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments