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Mike Newman posted a video - Mar 31 2014, 05:49 AM
Mike Newman talks to Marcus Jegede of Lake Park HS after he won the 3A Boys Triple Jump - Illinois Top Times - March 29, 2014
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Mike Newman posted a video - Mar 31 2014, 01:40 AM
Section 2 of the 3A Girls 400 Meter Dash - Illinois Top Times - March 29, 2014
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Mike Newman posted a video - Mar 30 2014, 10:42 PM
Mike Newman talks to Kevin Vreogh of Illiana Christian HS in Lansing after he finished 2nd in the 2A Boys 800 Meter Run - Illinois Top Times - March 29, 2014
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Mike Newman posted a video - Mar 30 2014, 09:57 PM
3rd attempt of Lena Giger (47-4) in the 2A Girls Shot Put - Illinois Top Times - March 29, 2014
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Mike Newman posted a video - Mar 30 2014, 06:33 PM
Heat 2 of the 2A Boys 60 Meter Dash - Illinois Top Times - March 29, 2014
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Mike Newman posted a video - Mar 24 2014, 02:27 PM
Mike Newman talks to Christina Santiago of Prospect HS after her races at the MSL Indoor Invitational - Naperville IL - March 22, 2014
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Mike Newman posted a video - Mar 8 2014, 06:48 AM
Mike Newman talks to Matt Burns of Willowbrook HS after he won the 400 Meter Dash at the York Boys Invitational - March 7, 2014
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Mike Newman posted 3 photos in Illinois National Signing Day 2014 - Feb 5 2014, 05:55 PM
Mike Newman commented on a news article - Dec 4 2013, 08:20 PM
One more thing...

I stand behind what I wrote. I could have put my head in the sand and ignored it like some have. I'm being a realist. I have been called negative in this response that I published from a few people. Be my guest all if you want to refute this article.
By Michael Newman mike@dyestat.com ...
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Jonah Greenthal
Anyone who is interested in more details on the Scholastic Bowl issue should read http://www.qbwiki.co...giarism_scandal, which is as an objective an account as I think is possible. Feel free to ask me any questions about it. I wasn't directly involved, but I know and have worked with all of the people who were.
I am a father who has seen my daughter compete in the previous 3 class 3A girls state meets at Detweiller. It seems to me that the venue at Detweiller is controlled chaos. The IHSA jams all six races and awards presentation into a 6 - 8 hour time span. There is very limited space for the athletes stations along the western fringe of the course. Moreover, the area to the south of the finish line after the race is a nightmare for runners, coaches, and family.

Why do all 3 classes and both male and females need to run on the same day and at the same venue? I completely understand the Detweiller tradition, but the current setup leaves no room for the "what if?" scenario. Football splits it into two days. Baseball runs their tournaments in Peoria and Joliet and on two separate weekends. It is very difficult as a fan to navigate thru the crowds on championship Saturday.

Furthermore, it is time for the class 3A state finals to be run closer to the Chicagoland area. Keep the 1A & 2A in Peoria. 23 of the 25 qualifying girls 3A teams and 22 of the 25 qualifying 3A boys teams were from the Chicagoland metro area in 2013. It makes absolutely no sense to me to send those teams down to central Illinois every year. Baseball no longer has a two day event of 8 (quarter finals & finals) teams in Springfield as in many years past. They changed their schedule and venue for the betterment of competition and fan enjoyment. The Chicagoland area would be a great place to host the class 3A championships and alleviate the overcrowding and overscheduling of events.
Richard Patel
@daveredden1: You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but the SB incident regarding Mr.McGraw is different from what I heard. As I have had it told to me, one of the question editors discovered that a writer had been plagiarizing questions. The editor tried talking to his superiors, and was rebuffed, despite some clear evidence. The editor then went to McGraw, who proceeded to fire him.

I didn't mean to sidetrack a running board, but firing a whistle blower is a sign or moral cowardice in my opinion. Maybe I am hearing the story wrong, but it is pretty consistent with other stories I have heard. I hope the Illinois running community does not have to suffer as my community has.
Looking at the published minutes from the cross country advisory committee meeting, it appears nothing will change. The results fiasco from the meet is not mentioned in the minutes until general items of discussion and consists of one line:"Review of the timing/scoring process used this year and what to expect." In section four, there is a question about whether the time schedule will remain the same to which the answer is simply "yes."

I'm not sure how the meeting last as long as it supposedly did (2.5 hours). The minutes do not reflect much discussion had about anything. It also appears as though no one from the timing company was present at the meeting. It would seem to me that they might be able to shed some light on what was wrong with the decision to keep on the original time schedule and how that decision cascaded throughout the day. Of course, you don't want to talk about that, why invite the people who might have some harsh words to say?

Great organizations question themselves even when things are running well. IHSA right now can't find it in themselves to question even wrong decisions, choosing instead to hide from them. I'm afraid Mike has hit the nail on the head when he says the IHSA has been making decisions without giving thought to those involved directly with the sport.
Mike Newman
One more thing...

I stand behind what I wrote. I could have put my head in the sand and ignored it like some have. I'm being a realist. I have been called negative in this response that I published from a few people. Be my guest all if you want to refute this article.
Mike Newman
Dave - It is not second guessing. Sorry. I could be criticized for that if I would have written the article on the delays of the meet that night that I got home from Peoria. The criticism is warranted. I did my research on the state meet article. I cannot write something consciously if it were not true. I took out many things that happened to me that weekend. It would be unfair to McGraw.

However Dave, the decisions that he made at the state meet in track and cross country show a trend. He did not think out how the decision that he made would affect the rest of the meet. In this case, it caused the problems that occurred on that day. Those are facts, not speculation.

The scholastic bowl...I am just familiarizing myself with what happened. But receiving letters from three different people, it might be something that needs to be looked into. I think you are looking at this Dave in an optimistic viewpoint and I respect you for that. But the things that I know that I cannot print because I was not given permission to do so, I would have to disagree with you.
As a head coach for cross country, track and scholastic bowl, I am going to defend Mr. McGraw. I think a lot of the uproar is simply second guessing and there is an enormous amount of unwarranted criticism. The scholastic bowl incident, however unfortunate, was an isolated incident of someone playing outside the rules. To chastise Mr. McGraw for the acts of others is simply not fair. It is his job to react and rule and lead using the rules set before him by the governing body, the IHSA and the administrators of all IHSA schools. . If we don't like a rule, we should contact school administrators and attempt to get it changed. Spontaneous decisions are difficult and you will never satisfy everyone. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.
Mike Newman
At this point, this is becoming less and less of a problem in the sport but those who "lead" it. I have received some e-mails from people who have been associated with the Scholastic Bowl. McGraw is in charge of that event. The comments that I have seen sicken me of what has happened. The IHSA should serve the schools and answer to the schools. Instead, their arrogance leads them to answer to the board and no one else. They are supposed to be educators?
J Anderson
I think it is less to do with being afraid of retaliation and more to do with being resigned to a lack of change. To your point, change has to be a statewide effort starting with administrations, continuing with coaches and eventually filtering to athletes and spectators.

Even at that point, I don't think any of us have seen trends that make us feel like processes will change. Until new blood is present, and it's nearly impossible to break in, why keep wasting breath?

From the point that it was announced that classifications could change on a year to year basis, it has been clear that we play by their rules. Especially in Track and Field, where they hand out more trophies, but have fewer kids participating in the meet, we play by their rules.

But what do I know, I'm in the St. Louis Metro obviously far south of I-80 where our opinions couldn't count less. I did get a good laugh that the IHSA feels it appropriate that the southern sectional in Edwardsville was able to host the likes of schools from Joliet, Moline, Frankfort, etc. They must have thought that they were northern schools right?
Richard Patel
I came across your article, and found it interesting. I am a Scholastic Bowl coach, and we too have to answer to Ron McGraw ... I see we are not the only group he doesn't feel accountable too. The last several state tournaments have seen sub-par officials, and there is now a plagiarism issue brewing that he may have tried covering up.

He needs to change his act or leave. His damage to students and athletes needs to be ended.
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