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Doing the Double (Oct 24th 2010, 4:56am)
Doing the Double (Oct 24th 2010, 4:56am)
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10Ks and long days (Jun 10th 2009, 6:56pm)



Doing the Double

Published by
BigE   Oct 24th 2010, 4:56am


"There is no such thing as bad weather; just soft people."


And soft people we ain't.


Beautiful weather this morning for a quick (?) 5k race raising money for Thurston Middle XC. The First Annual Cantrall Classic and it was a great morning and a proper xc course. What began as a conversation for an “easy” 5k quickly changed as Ginger shot on ahead while Coyoda and Harold (the “sweeps”) went ahead of Solo and I. Solo got chicked (as in he got distracted by a chick he knew) and I eased into this race.


It all ended pretty well – we all finished ahead of a pint sized, punk kid who was consistant even as he gasped and wheezed. We all got funny, cheap shirts (I’m wearing mine as I type) and great laughs.


Of course, it ended with some photos and Harold broke out the guava juice (it was only 08.45!!)


Solo only got one hall pass – or he was just a softie and didn’t want to run in bad weather, so we missed him as nine of us hit Pisgah this evening for the ‘Full Moon Run’. The moon was nearly full and beautifully bright – only we couldn’t see it as it was hidden behind low clouds, driving rain, and heavy fog.


Benelux and I pulled over at the parking area just in time to see Coyoda, Harold, OGG, and Chaser disappear into the darkness and the fog. Ginger was the bait and Benelux and I took it. Up Spook Hill in the dark. Lights were optional. Caught up with Coyoda, Chaser and OGG. Benelux headed up with OGG and Ginger, while we stayed on a slower gear. It was up. We met Ranger Pup and Friend at the top (I’ll leave out how quickly they made it to the top – it would only embarrass the rest of us).


2.86 miles up (thanks to Garmin and my new toy) we hunkered down marginally out of the wind and Harold, Coyoda and Ginger produced the birthday drinks. For those of you who drink Tequila, I’m sure it was good. Ginger, thanks for the Glenlivet. It was lovely.


Wind and rain were coming down sideways – as predicted by Solo (was this why he declined to join us?) – and powered it down with little mishap.


I must say, trailing my bro down the trail in the dark in all out running stride might be a major highlight to my trip. But even so – this day was a highlight.



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