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First meet in 2010
Started having some technical difficulties with form over the winter break but with vigorous weight and jump training, everything is looking positive. I have been building myself towards a goal where hopefully I can go out and jump 7ft on a b...
Jan 12th 2010, 12:50am 8K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
NCAA Championships
Keyword: Perseverance.

I started the meet w/ the jitters. I knew I had a lot riding on this meet since it happened to be the Biggest Meet of the Year, Showcasing the Best Jumpers From Washington to Maryland. There was a good 3 hr rain delay before pr...
Jun 18th 2009, 2:28pm 1K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Mission Incomplete
Its been a long season. I thought back to how much work I put in in contrast w/ my recent akeles tendonitis. I rehabed da hell out of the injury and I felt somewhat ready to go. After the 10+ hr bus ride to Penn State my jump practice a couple days bef...
Mar 2nd 2009, 7:32pm 1K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Not what I wanted, But I guess I can take 2.14 as a PB
Another day at the office. 

I feel like I've been putting a lot of focus on my strength training and also on video recordings of my meets with the coach. Sooner or later, I keep tellin myself "its all going to pay off". 
Feb 8th 2009, 5:55pm 1K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments