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NCAA Division I Weight Throw Entries

Published by
Martin Bingisser   Mar 6th 2012, 8:15pm

Below you'll find the men's and women's entries for this weekend's NCAA Division I Championships in Boise, Idaho. CollegeHammer.com will have a more detailed preview later in the week. In the meantime, check out the entries and previews for the Division II weight throw and Division III weight throw championships that will also be taking place this weekend.

                   NCAA Division 1  2012 Indoor Championship                   
                      Nampa, Idaho-Jacksons Indoor Track                       
                Boise State University  - 3/9/2012 to 3/10/2012    

Men Weight Throw
     Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1  Marcel Lomnicky               SR Virginia Tech        23.05mD
  2  Alexander Ziegler             JR Virginia Tech        23.04mD
  3  J.C. Lambert                  SR So. Illinois         22.66mD
  4  Michael Lauro                 SR LSU                  22.10mD
  5  Micah Hegerle                 JR Minnesota            21.95mD
  6  Kevin Mays                    SR Central Michigan     21.92mD
  7  Alec Faldermeyer              SO UCLA                 21.62mD
  8  Jeremy Postin                 JR Florida              21.60mD
  9  Matt DeChant                  SR Ohio State           21.57mD
 10  Brandon Pounds                JR Indiana State        21.55mD
 11  Max Mays                      SR Ohio State           21.51mD
 12  Lonnie Pugh                   JR Michigan State       21.40mD
 13  Jay Gillespie                 SR Michigan State       21.32mD
 14  Montrell Morrow               JR East Carolina        21.15mD
 15  Akil Mills                    SO Illinois State       21.13mD
 16  Ethan Dennis                  SO Michigan             21.07mD
Women Weight Throw
     Name                        Year School            Seed Mark           
  1  Jeneva McCall                 SR So. Illinois         23.76mD
  2  Felisha Johnson               JR Indiana State        21.67mD
  3  Kelly Closse                  JR Texas Tech           21.62mD
  4  Amanda Bingson                SR UNLV                 21.42mD
  5  Taylor Smith                  JR Wisconsin            21.33mD
  6  Denise Hinton                 SO LSU                  21.28mD
  7  Mele Vaisima                  SR Boise State          21.24mD
  8  Ida Storm                     SO UCLA                 21.21mD
  9  Brittany Smith                JR Illinois State       21.13mD
 10  Alena Krechyk                 JR Kansas               21.01mD
 11  Beth Rohl                     JR Michigan State       20.99mD
 12  Dani Bunch                    SO Purdue               20.93mD
 13  Erin Atkinson                 SO Baylor               20.84mD
 14  Amashi-Ali Kendall            JR Louisville           20.83mD
 15  Maggie Mullen                 SR Ohio State           20.78mD
 16  Benia Gregoire                JR FIU                  20.77mD
 17  Valerie Wert                  SR Akron                20.76mD

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