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Turkey Trot
So my friend, who recently began running in his efforts to complete a half marathon, told me he can run 5-minute mile pace for 3 miles.  Not to be a doubter, I'm not so sure if he can.  Especially at this moment in time, I know I cannot do th...
Nov 15th 2008, 4:02pm 3K views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
As the cross country championship season takes flight, we're called to toe a line or two, or three.

So we open our competitive selves up to vulnerability; so we learn to let the inevitability of each day be. 
Nov 2nd 2008, 3:51am 7K views 0 likes 3 shares 0 comments
Headin' Down the Road: Pac-10s
So the forecast says "showers" but the mild Corvallis day instead offers flurries of colorful leaves.  Students are scurryng around campus as usual, but the XC ladies are getting ready to take off - and heading south to Eugene in pr...
Oct 30th 2008, 5:23pm 3K views 0 likes 3 shares 0 comments
Lowdown on Beavs
OSU Beavers XC took the spectator-lined, well-manicured Mike Hodges Invitational course at Clackamas Community College in stride - even without their top three and four other teammates.  Orange- and black-clad friends and family cheered on the lad...
Oct 19th 2008, 7:33pm 7K views 0 likes 5 shares 0 comments
Meet this Weekend
Fall is in full swing in Corvallis, as evidenced by the trees ablaze with autumn hues as the nationally ranked OSU Beavers XC team tears up the trails around campus. 

After an awesome trip to Alabama, where the ladies finished strong to finish ...
Oct 14th 2008, 6:26pm 5K views 0 likes 4 shares 0 comments
XC Fall 08
Some steeple clock chimes eight o’ clock over the sound of the Willamette Valley’s late summer, which is breezing through leaves outside my open windows.  Bruised legs, half-opened boxes and strewn-about things signal the seasonal tran...
Sep 8th 2008, 3:05am 4K views 0 likes 2 shares 0 comments
Now Let's Start the Show...
    Coming back from an injury is a humbling experience.  After one of those injuries that wholly derailed whatever course you sought to chart, you might find yourself gasping for air after a 20-minute run.  In those moments, i...
Jun 29th 2008, 12:57am 3K views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
Skorts in Spring to Summer
Early spring introduces spandex in a new way after winter’s lengthy dependence on the fabric. Mid- to late spring, in cahoots with sun, begs further shedding of layers - of Drifit, CoolMax, Techni-Running-Fabrics. And this is when my senses are...
May 20th 2008, 3:42am 14K views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
Why We Run (Still) Part II
It’s Heps weekend, which is definitely go-time for the most competitive of Ivy tracksters. Prior to Heptagonal Championships in cross country as well as both track seasons at Columbia, the team mentality seemed to be most re-instilled in all of ...
May 11th 2008, 5:54am 1K views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments
Post-collegiate Quandries
Out of six who competed in cross country/track at Columbia through graduation – out of the same class of eleven freshman plus one transfer, two are training at an elite level. The others might jump in a road race or train when an opportunity pres...
May 4th 2008, 11:32pm 688 views 0 likes 1 shares 0 comments