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Dreams about running

Published by
HeatherMarie   May 14th 2008, 2:20pm

I remember watching our black lab sleep when I was a kid and giggling when her legs would twitch in the midst of some elaborate dog dream.  She was chasing a pheasant or mailman or playing with us kids or swimming in the stream near our house we'd always guess.  I wonder if she dreamed about her fears....

I had a dream last night about the upcoming Race for the Cure that I'm doing on Sunday (I can only guess that this is why).  It starts with me stopping to tie my shoelace that would magically come untied every time I would retie it.  I was thinking my time is going to be reeaaally slow, damnit!! Next after I finally get it tied, I get up to start running again and there is noone in sight.  I went around asking everyone where the course was and noone knew!!  I kept thinking that the race organizers were odd for making the race disappear like that and how the hell did everyone get so far ahead of me and....then I woke up.

I cannot help but try to analyze my dreams.  Last month I had a dream I was being stalked by three dogs in masks and I hid in a house with a cat named Dave who scared the living shit out of me.  Well, analyzing that one just made me think I need to change something in my diet. :D

I do know what this dream meant, however:  I think it is due to the fact that I've been putting in the mileage but not the speedwork and I'm nervous about Sunday.  I'm terrified to run a slow 5k!!

It's time to start getting mentally prepared and just take races as they come, no matter what my shape.  I don't think my childhood pup ever had to worry about any of this....



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