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Room for Change: Virtual Tour

Published by
HeatherMarie   May 8th 2008, 12:50pm

I'm moving out of my apartment in a few weeks to go and live elsewhere and have decided to record the memory of my room with a qvtr movie....It's always nice to change it up but now I'll never forget my surroundings with this digital memory..... You just have to mouse around and can zoom in and out:

I will miss my Aussie housemate, but won't miss her early morning waking hours. I won't miss the crumbling ceiling although it is very french chic my friends tell me. I'll miss opening the door to find the old Napolean accordian player and his music.  I won't miss the smelly punk heroin addicts with the big dirty dogs though.  I'll miss having Todis (an amazing grocery store) 5 meters from my front door: they have the best yogurt imported from Germany. 

This is how I've gotten to know Rome.  I've lived in 5 apartments so far and most of my Italian friends think I'm crazy for moving so often (Some of them still live at home with their rents).  I've learned about the city this way...new people, new places, new runs...it's enlightening.  I used to need the stability of one place for an extended period of time until I realized that stability exists in my head, not in an apartment.  Plus carrying boxes is a good alternative to the gym.





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