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Wilson,Williams Make Oly Trials Finals(Jun 30th 2012, 12:06am)
Legends Run Meet Info (pdf)(Jun 26th 2012, 3:44pm)
Nevadans at Olympic Trials(Jun 23rd 2012, 8:37pm)
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Legends Run Meet Info (pdf)

Published by
John Dixon of RS/NV   Jun 26th 2012, 3:44pm
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.docPosted 06/28/2012 (88 downloads)

Legends Info is attached....

2012 Legends Run Features Seeded Race


The 16th Annual Legends Run will include, for the first time, a separate team event, featuring combined-gender teams of six to ten athletes (three to five men and three to five women). Scoring will be based on the combined times of the three fastest men and women on each team.


Team competition will consist of two divisions: School and Open. A School team may consist of current runners (including coaches) as well as alumni of that particular institution. Individuals may enter Unattached if they meet qualifying 5K time standards: Open Men—sub 18:00, Open Women—sub 21:00. Masters (40 & Over): Men—sub 20:00, Women—sub 24:00. (Verification of times not required.)


Event will take place at Veterans Memorial Park in Boulder City, using the same 5K course as used for the So. NV Regional and State Cross Country Championships.


The two traditional Legends Run races—2M Junior Race and the Legends 5K—will precede the Seeded 5K:


2M Junior Race—6:45 a.m. start time

5K Open 5K—7:15 a.m. start time

5K Seeded—8:00 a.m. start time


Awards to follow finish of Seeded 5K. Runners in both 5K races eligible for individual awards in the following age divisions (male and female):


Youth: 19 & Under

Open: 20-29

Sub-Masters: 30-39

Masters: 40-49

Seniors: 50-59

Super-Seniors: 60 & Over


Awards to Fastest and Runner-Up 5K (Male and Female)

Team Trophy to winners of School and Open Divisions


2M Junior Race Age Divisions:


8 & Under




Fees: Through July 7, 2012              July 8-August 3, 2012             Day of Race


$25—LVTC Members                        $30—LVTC Members            $40—All

$30—General Public                         $35—General Public


Contact Race Director for special team fees (10 or more from same school) Legends (you know who you are): FREE


Packet Pick-up: Friday, August 3, 2012—10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Village Runner


Register Online at www.active.com or check www.lvtc.org for further instructions.


Phil Lawton, Race Director (coachpcl@gmail.com)


Southern Nevada Legends of Cross Country






Angela Albert*—Meadows

Erin Aten—Bonanza

Christa Avena*—Bishop Gorman

Sydney Badger—Centennial

Katie Bailey—Cheyenne

Keely Bakken—Faith Lutheran

Leah Ballard—Clark

Pam Banta—Western

Katie Barto—Green Valley

Jamie Bisplinghoff*—Clark

Amy Blackwell—Basic

Heather Buchta—Clark

Carolyn Canella—Clark

Allison Carney—Centennial

Marci Cox—Cheyenne              

Cindy Craig*—Basic

McKenzie Dean**—Pahrump Valley

Kristina Dermody—Bishop Gorman

Sharlene Downing*—Cheyenne

Sharunn Downing—Cheyenne

Heather Eck—Clark

Emily Eskin—Green Valley

Kelly Fernandez—Silverado

Jackie Gengler—Eldorado

Andrea Gonzalez—Arbor View

Katie Gorczyca*—Palo Verde

Amanda Gramly—Clark

Erika Hanson—Green Valley

Wendy Harris**—Lund

Natalie Hicken—Basic

Jennifer Johnson—Las Vegas

Connie Johonnot—Bonanza

Madeline Jones—Bonanza

Rhonda Kilfoyle—Clark

Kelsi Koch—Palo Verde 

Julie Kyriacou—LasVegas /Green Valley  

Chaz LaHodny—Clark/Faith Lutheran  

Michaelanne Laurent—Coronado

Leah Leedy—Foothill

Jackie Love—Eldorado

Lauren Lucas—Coronado

Debra Master—Cimarron-Memorial

Meghan Mathews—Centennial

Bonnie McKiernon—Las Vegas

Amy Merten—Eldorado

Marty Mildren*—Indian Springs

Abby Miller****—Green Valley

Kathy Nelson—Bishop Gorman

Teresa Palmer—Boulder City

Kelly Pardee—Durango

Angela Peterson*—Meadows

Nikki Peterson**—Faith Lutheran

Tammy Powell—Valley

Alexis Recine*—Meadows

Julie Robles*—Boulder City/Basic

Diane Saletta—Clark

Madalyn Schmutz*—Boulder City

Phoenix Shields—Chaparral

Vivian Spencer—Indian Springs

Diane Stark—Bishop Gorman

Stephanie Stark—Bishop Gorman

Erin Sully—Cimarron-Memorial

Nikki Toms—Valley

Julie Whitehead—Basic

Natasha Wicks—Cimarron-Memorial

Connie Willard—Moapa Valley

Jennifer Wintermute—Clark

Shannon Wolff—Meadows

Carolyn Woodbury*—Las Vegas

Carrie Wright—Bonanza

Jessica Zarndt—Cheyenne




 Jamalo Adem—Clark                          

 Mike Barkhuff—Boulder City/Durango  

 Chris Belt—Indian Springs                  

 Dustin Belt—Indian Springs

Solomon Bennett—Silverado               

 Brent Bowers*—Rancho                      

 Kolby Campbell—Basic                       

 Art Castle*—Western

 Adam Chan—Eldorado

 Mike Ceparano—Silverado                     

 Ian Cherry—Eldorado                            

 Jay Dettre*—Valley                                  

 Scott DeVoge—Basic                              

 James Eubank**—Clark

 Scott Eubanks*—Laughlin                         

 Justin Findlay—Valley                              

 Brandon Grady*—Cheyenne

 Carl Greene—Foothill          

 Jack Hardy—Boulder City                    

 Kenny Harmon—Basic

 Nick Hartle**—Centennial                        

 Chuck Hertig—Clark                                 

 Ryan Horn—Silverado                            

 Pat Hubbard**—Basic                     

 Dustin Hudspeth—Silverado                      

 Jimmy Ikner—Indian Springs                      

 Cory Jeffers**—Bonanza                       

 Billy Jefferies—Basic

Julius Kim—Green Valley

 Kole Krahenbuhl—Basic                                  

 Chris Laman—Cheyenne                              

 Brett Larsen—Bonanza                                   

 John Lemming—Clark

 Matt Lundgren*—Boulder City                                      

 Tony Macey*—Valley

 Aaron Magunson—Boulder City                              

 Jamie McGeahy—Basic                       

 Jake McLemore—Indian Springs

 Tony Mosley—Rancho              

 Kelly Murie—Durango

 Jacob Naylor—Clark

 Brian Nestor**—Faith Lutheran                                                    

 Richie Newton—Basic                         

 Rex Noble—Durango                        

 Rob Oslund—Basic                                     

 Billy Pappas*—Valley                           

 Sam Pearson—Eldorado                         

 Manuel Perales—Las Vegas                       

 Frank Pierce*—Eldorado                        

 Frank Plasso Jr.—Bishop Gorman             

 Oliver Redig—Basic                                  

 Brandon Rock—Eldorado                       

 Carlos Rojas*—Meadows

 Blake Scholtzhauer—Centennial

Josh Sillitoe—Basic                  

 Mark Sinderson—Bishop Gorman

Colin Smith—Del Sol

Jeremy Sudbury—Shadow Ridge

 Greg Sullivan—Beatty

 Patrick Swick*—Chaparral

 Josh Thompson**—Moapa Valley      

 Melvin Thompson—Eldorado

 Jim Thorne—Green Valley                

 Chris Tuma—Basic                                      

 Chris Wahl—Eldorado                            

 Tim Watkins—Basic                                      

 Norm Watson—Eldorado                          

 Brad Weekes—Bonanza                         

 Kurt Williams—Rancho

Nathan Williams—Centennial                         

 Andre Woods**—Eldorado                     

 Tom Wysocki—Western                           

 Terry Ybarra**—Valley                             

 Mike Yeoman—Basic                                                                           


 * Individual State Champion

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