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training log YAY!!! (Dec 14th 2007, 5:06am)



training log YAY!!!

Published by
brandon   Dec 14th 2007, 5:06am

12/5/07- rest

12/6/07- 40 min easy out and back, knee hurts bad when running down hill, first run in the jasaris, overall felt good, and some abs.

12/7/07- 40 min easy out and back, my hip hurt and was really tight, abs and stuff, knee still very sore. Jasaris= not bad!!!

12/8/07- rest,

12/9/07- 53 min @ 7:30 pace+- felt like 8pace. 7miles felt good, out and back. Hip got tight. Knee feeling better, but still hurts to the touch, stretching and stuff. Pegasus, love ‘Em.

12/10/07- 43 min easy run, was really tired today. Did some strength stuff, some 7min abs also.

12/11/07- nice and easy 25min @ 7:30pace, felt really good, great run, push ups, pull up and some 8min abs.

12/12/07- rest.

12/13/07 30 min easy at like 7:30 pace, kinda tired, feet hurt alittle.

12/14/07- rest plus worked 10 hour day

12/15/07- 50 min @ 7:30 pace, legs were tired but i wasent even breathing hard, lungs fell good

12/16/07- rest plus worked 12 hour day

12/17/07- rest plus worked 11 hour day

12/18/07- 25 min worked 12 hour day

12/19/07- 25 min easy

12/20/07- 40 min @ 6:30 pace, thats what the math tells me but i was hauling ass!!! felt pretty good and lots of abs!!!

12/21/07- 35 min easy @ 7:30 pace felt really good and really slow, good easy run!!!

12/22/07- im going to do 40 min easy maybe just 8 pace or so well see how i feel some abs and stuff

12/23/07- rest. that was a late night!!!

12/24/07-40 min cederville loop about 5 miles, felt good and slow and abs and stuff.

travis i lost my log send me another one please!!!


12/26/07- 50 min 7:30 pace felt good

12/27/07- 3 miles easy

12/28/07-25 min just chilling at 7:30 pace felt good easy day


12/30/07- snowboarding

12/31/07- snowboarding

1/1/08-sore from snowboarding

1/2/08- sore from snowboarding

1/3/08- sore from snowboarding

1/4/08-2 mile shake out felt horrible

1/5/08-nice and easy 4 miles about 25 min super tired felt like shit!!!



1/8/08-35 min. 5, 5 minutes. Felt OK kind of tired.

1/9/08- 30 min on the stationary bike.

1/10/08-40 min @ Hendrix park, right hip started hurting at the end of run.

1/11/08-3 mile tempo felt like shit quads really hurt, hips felt very sore after and chest hurt. 1st mile- 5:52/ 2nd mile- 6:06/ 3rd mile- 6:24/ AVG= 6:07 well I have succeeded at doing the opposite splits of a tempo, maybe went out alittle too hard!!!

1/12/08- hard core abs and push-ups worked today and am pretty tired.

1/13/08- abs and push-ups worked again and am very tired.

1/14/08-40 min @ lane, and some abs felt ok kind of tired, right ankle hurt again.

1/15/08- 10 min w/u 6,3,3,3 minutes felt good. 50 min total, lots of abs and stuff, and lifted.

1/16/08- 45 min in the pool work out.

1/17/08- 55 min mostly @ Hendrix ran down to south Eugene track and watched the U of O time trial, then ran back to Hendrix felt good, awesome long run.

1/18/08- 25 min tempo legs were very sore but good workout mile splits= 6:15/6:10/6:05/6:07 mile splits thought i would take it out just alittle conservative but work out felt awesome but i was working for it. very cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1/20/08-rest/sick feeling very nauseated, bad stomach cramps off and on for a few months, I think I might go see the doctor



1/23/08-still sick



1/26/08-rest/starting to get better.

1/27/08-snowed today, rest. Abs

1/28/08-rest abs

1/29/08- 30 min in the snow did not feel so good still have a cough but feeling much better. Abs

1/30/08- 40 min pool workout pretty sore today and abs and push ups. Still have cough.

1/31/08- 35 min @ ridgline, about 3 inches of snow on the trial really good run and abs.

2/1/08-15 minute fartliek 15 min w/u 10 min c/d felt kind of tired but OK. Abs and lift.

2/2/08- 30 min easy and abs. worked like 6 hours

2/3/08-rest worked like 13 hours today

2/4/08- 55 min @ 6:30 pace super sore after abs and ice bath in like 45* water thought I was going to die.

2/5/08- minutes workout 4-4-3-2-2-1 felt dead @ the 3 section I ate a sandwich and a banana 10 min before workout, that’s prolly why my stomach hurt.

2/6/08-pool workout.


2/7/08-40 min run @ pre’s trail, super stressed out, my right hip hurts, and left shin hurts.

2/8/08- left shin is hurting pretty bad. 50 min on the bike/hill option, Lift and abs.

2/9/08- 30 min easy feeling really tired.

2/10/08- 60 min feel pretty good and abs/pushups right hip hurts very tight. Most the run was very steep up hill.


2/11/08- 30 min lots of abs and ice bath and push ups./IT band and hips really tight.

2/12/08- 40 min lift and abs/IT band

2/13/08- pool work out aqua jog and swim. IT band bothering me, really tight

2/14/08- 30 min on rexius stretch and abs/pushups/ IT band hurts. Been rolling and stuff.

2/15/08-food poisoning! Never eating fish again

2/16/08-sick. vomiting all day!!!

2/17/08-getting better.

2/18/08-rest, probably start running tomorrow.

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