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Shelby Davidson - Let's Be Real

Published by
DrBob   Nov 4th 2011, 5:59pm

Shelby Davidson


Let's be real here, racing is one of the most exciting things about being a cross country runner. But last weekend I am so happy I did not have a race! I had been going at it with pretty high key races for six weeks straight, so my legs really needed a rest. Going into this past week, I was super excited because my upcoming race was Cape Coast Conference, which is a huge local race for all of the teams in the county except for a select few. Plus, this race essentially marks the beginning of the post season races so it is a big milestone in my senior year career.

Prior to this race, I did a lot of thinking- both about strategy and just generally about my season and my future. I of course first knew that Cape Coast Conference would be a challenge because my competitor Vanessa Valentine would be there. We usually don't race each other for the whole season until Cape Coast, and that is the only face off we get the opportunity to have (this year we also race at Footlocker). She is such a talented runner and has come such a long way since she first started doing cross country, so I was expecting a challenge from her. But, the key for me was knowing mentally and physically I had the potential to win the race, and giving my best effort to hold off anyone trying to stop me from achieving my goal.

So this weekend the time finally came for the race, and it was less than ideal conditions for some but perfect for my preference. It had rained the day before and the entire morning up until the race actually started, so it was a dreary and muddy Saturday morning. Personally I love rain so I was even more excited. During the race from the very beginning, I just felt really great. My legs felt strong as Vanessa stuck right behind me and just kept pushing me to keep up the pace. People always say leading is a pretty risky thing to do, because you give other runners the advantage of drafting off of you and you start to question whether you can hold the pace. I am one of those risky people I guess, because I love leading. It gives me the sense that I am in complete control of the race, and that it is my race. No one else's.

As I led the race, I honestly at one point questioned myself: what If I get tired? What if I don't win? What if she catches up? Then I immediately eliminated those thoughts, and said to myself I deserve this, I want this, and I made myself go faster.

Around the 2 mile mark I kept up my pace, and I gradually formed a gap. Once I had that space I wanted to keep increasing it, so I just kept running hard and I ended up getting 1st place by 16 seconds! I ran a 17:38 to get the new meet record, and I ran a personal best for the course so I was so excited.

It was equally exciting to know that this was my second year being the Cape Coast Conference champion. To top it all off, my team got 1st place for the second year in a row, even though we were missing our #3 runner Kayla Greeson and the boys team won! We all were so happy and it was easily the best Cape Coast Conference race for the boys and girls collectively in Cocoa Beach history.

Right after the race and the awards ceremony, I left to pack my bags and venture off to another official visit for college! It was such a fun trip, and I can't wait to take another one next weekend. Along with that next weekend, I will be racing in my District race. I am hoping to win the individual title, and that the girls and boys teams will snatch the team victories.

Best of luck to everyone in their post season races!




Editor's Note- Shelby will be keeping a blog for us this year as she is set to improve on a stellar junior year. Last year Davidson was a Footlocker Finalist and has had one of her best summers of her high school career.


Click here to follow all of her blog posts.


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