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Mens 800 - Prefontaine Classic 2009

Published by
ross   Jun 7th 2009, 2:32pm

PreClassic.com - The official Prefontaine Classic website

Event 15  Men 800 Meter Run
Position 9 is lane 5B and position 10 is lane 8B
World: W 1:41.11 1997 Wilson Kipketer, Denmark
American: A 1:42.60 1985 Johnny Gray
Hayward: H 1:44.01 2008 Alfred Yego, Kenya
Prefontaine: P 1:44.01 2008 Alfred Kirwa Yego, Kenya
All-Comer: @ 1:42.58 7/31/1996 Vebjorn Rodal, Norway
Name Year Team Finals
1 Nick Symmonds USA 1:45.86
2 Alfred Yego Kenya 1:46.21
3 Christian Smith USA 1:46.36
4 Gary Reed Canada 1:46.37
5 Khadevis Robinson USA 1:46.64
6 Yuriy Borzakovskiy Russia 1:47.05
7 Ahmad Ismail Sudan 1:47.83
8 Elijah Greer USA 1:49.15
-- Matt Scherer USA DNF
-- Boaz Lalang Kenya DNF
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3 comment(s)
a race is a race. sure it may be about time. but all the time. it matters about guts. it matters on how much guts u have to push ur self to take the gold. so dont say it was a bad race, because it wasnt.

I thought this race was very disappointing.  This field was hyped as possibly better than the Olympic finals!  For it to be won in 145.8 is sad.  If I were the decission maker at Nike, I would not invite most of these people back again.


That was an AMAZING race!!!!

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