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Keepin' It Pushin' (Jan 30th 2009, 4:51pm)
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Keepin' It Pushin'

Published by
Jay Hicks   Jan 30th 2009, 4:51pm

It's about that time, the indoor season on the college level is in full title, tonight pops off the Millrose Games. 

Fun times, in and around the sport are to about to be had by many.  Episode #5 of PreRaceJitters' Track & Field Radio Show was published this morning.  We had lively and fun conversation with Lolo Jones that is probably the best yet.

As many know, Lolo is one of my favorite track figures because of the obstacles in life that she has overcome.  Homelessness and poverty as a youth - are things that are bigger than track.  I love an underdog and people that hold on to their dreams no matter is going on.

As Ross said in the first episode, people are naturally like to follow athletes that they admire and respect.  With that, the sport has never had the kind of coverage offered through traditional and new media outlets giving fans unparalled insights into the sport and its' figures. 

The questions on my mind right now are who will deliver a crazy performance at the Millrose Games, how fast will the times in Glasgow be, and what's next in episode #6 of the radio show.

We're out!

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