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    I am Catrina McAlister (12th grade) and I run cross-country and track for Arcadia High School. I started running competitively my freshman year of high school and have been running ever since. Running is something that I love to do, but I try to make sure it is not my entire life. I want to have fun running while I am in high school and become more focused with it as I get into college. I have improved immensely over the last year and have set high goals for myself. While I enjoy running, I also have been in surf contests. (My mom and dad both surf and run). I also used to play soccer, which is the main reason as to why I joined cross-country. But I quickly learned of my passion, and after playing one year of high school soccer, I quit and became more dedicated to running. Two years ago I joined the Southern California Road Runners and have had loads of fun. Also, last February, I had the opportunity to go to Maryland for the USA Cross-Country National Championships with my South Coast XC Elite team, and we took first place in the junior race. I have learned a lot this last year and hope to keep learning and growing as an athlete and person. I also hope to encourage my teamates in this same way so that they can reach their true potential.            




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