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jlangrell<3   May 26th 2010, 2:25am
wellll hello again its been a while since i was on here...hmm well we came in third in our league...kinda dissapointing but it was okay in the end. well i made many new friends in track as always and many from different schools as well. in my league we have tough competition for distance especially the girls. i want to give credit to colony high school they have an amazing distance team and they are beasts! haha well at league finals i decided not to run the 1600 and focus on my 800 because i thought i would be able to qualify for cif easier in the 800 than the mile. well unfortuantely i came in fourth in my race at finals and they only take the top 3... :/ bummer...my time to meet in order to qualify was a 2:34 and i ran a 2:23 that is my new pr. i was kind of upset that i lost by less than a second but my coaches reminded me that the wind at colony was bad and all three girls ahead of me were colony who were proably used to the wind. but on a brighter side we made it to cif for the girls 4x400 team we went from a 4:30 i believe to a 4:15 (i ran a 61 with only a week of sprinting training...lol) and i was the fastest on our team which consists of 2 sprinters who are both sophmores 1 distance runner(me) who is a sophmore and a mid distance/jumper who is a freshman....so it was an improvement but the compition for division 2 is intense. with cory carter (sorry if i spelled her name wrong) in our heat it was very challenging. although i must admit our teams were talking before the race and she is very nice (: i believe this is why i enjoy track and cross country so much! you meet very interesting people, people who are very good at what they do but still down to earth and humble! well i suppose ill write again when i have something interesting to say (: ~janna
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