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bad days at their best....

Published by
jlangrell<3   Nov 10th 2009, 1:43am

well if you have ever had a bad day i want you to know mine proably tops them all...today is currently 5 days before cif and our school has not made it to cif for girls cross country for about a good 15-20 years...and i am the best runner...ya something i should be proud of but not when you hurt your knee one week (so last saturday) in a soccer league cup game and i had my coach look at it and he thinks it might be my miniscus has a tear or is torn completely because it is possible to still walk with a torn miniscus but you will be in a world of pain...basically describing me the past two days...fun huh? so ya this is pretty much one of the worst days ever and my coach also said i can either try to tough it out or get an opperation and risk never being able to play or run again...so over all today is a marvelous day...and its my moms bday...great present to tell her huh?

life you gotta love it...

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