Men's Mile Full Race - Won in 3:56 - UW Invite 2008

Published by Kevin
Uploaded Feb 3rd 2008, 12:00am | 11877 views

Washington Invitational - Jan 30, 2008
Seattle, WA, US
Mens Mile
  Name Yr School Finals H# Pts
1 Sherer, Steve   Athletic Perform 3:56.00 4  
2 Perry, Kyle   BYU 3:59.16 4  
3 Alcorn, Kyle   Arizona State 3:59.82 4  
4 McAdams, Josh   New Balance 4:00.85 4  
5 Bybee, Dustin   BYU 4:01.22 4  
6 Centrowitz, Matthew   Oregon 4:03.08 4  
7 gallo, anthony   Run Flagstaff 4:03.79 4  
8 Jaworski, Courtney   OTC Elite 4:03.83 4  
9 Chapa, Joaquin   Unattached 4:06.63 4  

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2 comment(s)

No prob Steve, seeing great moments like that is what makes this sport so cool, and it's extra cool when it's your friends.  I don't think I could have gone up to a stranger right after the race like I did with you, I was in the moment (Interview)...  Congrats again, and thanks for the props on the race coverage. Were still learning a lot and hope to keep improving!  You better run the 800 up there in 2 weeks...


Hey Kevin & Ross, thanks for the amazing coverage of the race!!  You guys ROCK!! :)  Look forward to hangin with you guys up there in the near future!  Hope you're having a great day, take care.


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