Did [Kara Goucher] prefer the Boston or NY Marathon? (pt.13) - NXN Athlete Forum 2009

Published by Ian Terpin
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Nike elite athletes on the panel include:
Amy Yoder Begley, Bernard Lagat, Christin Wurth Thomas, Abdi Abdirahman, Shannon Rowbury, Dathan Ritzenhein, Alan Webb, Lauren Fleshman, Anna (Willard) Pierce, Kara Goucher, and Adam Goucher. 
The athlete panel is led by John Capriotti, Nike's Global Sports-Marketing Director for track and field.

Part 1- Athlete Introductions
Part 2- Getting Into Running
Part 3- Set Backs
Part 4- Why do you like running?
Part 5- Camaraderie Between Runners
Part 6- How do you mentally prepare for races?
Part 7- Special Underwear / Dealing With Self Doubt.
Part 8- Favorite Place to Run
Part 9- How do you physically prepare for races?
Part 10- Do you like xc or track better?
Part 11- What is your most memorable race?
Part 12- Favorite Pump Up Song
Part 13- Did you prefer the Boston or NY Marathon (for Kara Goucher)
Part 14- What do you look for in a coach? / Where are you currently training?
Part 15- Final Words of Wisdom

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