Defining aerobic system/US vs Kenya - Brad Hudson - Super Distance Summit 2010

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Super Distance Summit

During Day 1 of the Super Distance Summit, Brad Hudson ( dives right into his brand of coaching covering everything from his thoughts on plyometrics to doubles. He gives a look into his coaching experience with one of America's brightest stars, Dathan Ritzenhein and why exactly he got into coaching after a long career of his own.

Brad jumps right in and gives his definition on the aerobic system and the differences he sees between the US and Kenyan training systems.

  1. Why I coach
  2. Defining aerobic system/US vs Kenya
  3. Intro to training
  4. Development
  5. Specific Training
  6. Age - Does it matter?
  7. Coaching Ritz
  8. Coaching Ritz Q & A
  9. How hard? How often?
  10. Bob Kennedy
  11. Aerobic base
  12. Plyos - risk or reward
  13. Influence of Canova
  14. Tweaking form with drills
  15. What's most important?
  16. Doubles and build up
Check out the Distance Summit Site and our Training site to see the rest of these videos as they are released. Videos from the 2010 Distance Summit include from Brad Hudson, Charlie Kern, Scott Simmons, Pete Rea, Armando Siqueiros and Jeff Johnson.


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