Zac Edwards - From 16:01 to 13:56 in 2 Years

Published by Chris Nickinson
Uploaded Mar 31st 2010, 5:33pm | 5712 views


University of South Alabama Redshirt Sophomore Zac Edwards hails from Roanoke, VA. He graduated high school with a 5k pr of 16:01. After 2 semesters at the University of Alabama he showed some signs of potential but nothing amazing. Alabama grad assistant Tim Goldsack got the distance job at South Alabama and after one semester apart got Zach to come down to Mobile where some magic happened and Zach saw dramatic improvement.

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Anyone who saw Zac run at Sun Belt Indoors this year has to be impressed.  He had bronchitis and willed himself to 4th in the 5000.  It was more impressive seeing him gut it out when he was so sick then seeing him blow away everyone last year.


There is hope for my 5k time yet

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