Altitude Intervals - Scott Simmons - Super Distance Summit 2010

Published by Chris Nickinson
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Super Distance Summit

Queens University distance coach Scott Simmons gave a second talk during Day 2 of the Super Distane Summit on his experiences with alttitude training both actually being at altitude and using simulated environments like altitude tents.

Coach Simmons believs that the best way to altitude train is just like doing intervals - spend some time at altitude, come back down for a while, repeat.

  1. Intro to Altitude
  2. Non-responders
  3. Red Blood Cell Development
  4. Altitude Intervals
  5. Questions with Brad Hudson
  6. Altitude Training at Sea Level

(More videos coming)

Check out the Distance Summit Site and our Training site to see the rest of these videos as they are released. Videos from the 2010 Distance Summit include from Brad Hudson, Charlie Kern, Scott Simmons, Pete Rea, Armando Siqueiros and Jeff Johnson.


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