LIVE Webcast of USA Indoor Championships 2011

Published by ross
Uploaded Feb 27th 2011, 8:00pm | 19971 views, in partnership with USATF are excited to bring you the first ever LIVE Webcast of the 2011 USA Indoor Track and Field Championships presented by BMW. All of the highlighted events on the schedule below will be a part of the LIVE webcast. The finals that are not included in the live webcast will be televised live on Sunday, February 27, from 4:30-6p.m. Eastern Time on ESPN.

*If you would like to share any of your 2011 USA Indoor videos please upload them to this URL and we will add them to this coverage! We are all about community event coverage!

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4 comment(s)
They need to turn the mic on.
It is great to watch the Indoor T&F Champtionship broadcast live, but please move it to a techonology platform that allows high resolution viewing at full screen display - something like Microsoft's SliverLight techonlogy
big hoffa
good to see big freeman kicking butt in the weight
Wow the female announcer is SO annoying. Back to the kitchen with her
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