Dr. Randy Wilber - Why Swimmers Pee - Maximizing Performance at Major Championships Clinic 2011

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Maximizing Performance at Major Championships Clinic


1. Vin Lananna - Prefacing Clinic & Mark Rowland Introduction
2. Mark Rowland - OTC Elite Head Coach
3. Robert Chapman - Introduction of Speakers

Dr. Robert Chapman - USATF Associate Director for Sports Science & Medicine
Altitude Training for Sea Level and Altitude Based Championships

1. USATF High Performance "Immediate" Access Video
2. Why Train at Altitude?
3. How High to Live
4. What Altitude to Train At
5. How Long to Stay at Altitude 
6. When to Return to Sea Level Prior to a Major Competition 
7. Considerations for Racing at Altitude
8. Q & A on Altitude Training 

Andrea Braakhuis - USOC Sport Dietitian
Nutrition for Travel 

1. Food Safety
2. Travel Packs 
3. Hydration
4. Resources and Q & A

Dr. Randy Wilber - USOC Physiologist
Jet Lag: What to do before, during, and after your flight with focus on Daegu

1. Introduction
2. Prior to Travel
3. To Sleep or Not to Sleep 
4. Ergogenic Aids for Travel 1
5. Melatonin and Ambien
6. Ergogenic Aids for Travel 2
7. After Arrival

Dr. Randy Wilber - USOC Physiologist
Preparation for Competing in Heat and Humidity

1. Physiological Responses to Heat and Humidity 
2. Optimal Performances in Heat and Humidity
3. Daegu - Pre-Worlds Training Camp
4. Q&A - Why Swimmers Pee

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