3x(950-400-950m) Highlights - Harvey Trail - CNU Distance 09-16-2011

Published by Coach Matt
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The girls' workout today was a continuous fartlek of 950m (100m jog) 400m (400m jog) 950m (600m jog)... repeated three times. The total fartlek distance is very near 10k, and the total hard segments adds up to very near 7k. With a WU/CD of around 1.75M, it brought the total for the morning workout up to around 9.5M.


Dira, Erin, Jess, and Julie averaged 3:40-45 for the 950's and around 90-94 for the 400's. The way the trail is laid out and the segments are broken up, it would be very similar to 3x(1500m/400m jog/1000m/600m jog) workout on a track.

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