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After a morning lightning storm that dumped upwards of 5-6" of rain in just over an hour, the women's workout was moved indoors. Scheduled was a random fartlek that would have had about 10 girls each getting a one-minute segment with about two minutes of easy between. (Several of the men ended up doing that workout, and reported knee-high water in places around campus. Not ideal running conditions, but they came back smiling and happy, so that's ideal enough for the day!)

In place of their fartlek, the girls did 10x300m w/200m jog. The workout was done in lane six to minimize the turns. The goal was 60-64 per rep, but the girls got into a rhythm of 56-60's. The workout was broken into two sets of five (with 500m jog in 4min between) to make sure they weren't building up byproducts and were able to keep their rhythm/form. The neuromuscular aspect of the workout was the primary focus.

Once done with those, the girls did a 600m jog then ran a cutdown 1k. They were told they could not go out faster than 90s for the first 400m, or their workout would be done. Then they were to cut down each of the last 200m segments and finish as fast as they would like while remaining under control.



56.1 / 56.4 / 57.1 / 60.3 / 57.0 / 56.8 / 60.7 / 58.3 / 58.3 / 60.4



Melissa - 3:32 (98-41-40-33)
Lydia - 3:36 (98-41-40-37)
Alexa - 3:44
Eliza - 3:46
Graciela - 3:55
Deanna - 3:55

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