Track Tempo - Pomoco Stadium - CNU Distance 09-18-2012

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Following four weeks of progression (see bottom of this post) with longer threshold runs and our first two meets of the season, we are transitioning to a little more intensity in our work. This workout was a version of the 1200m-Tempo-1200m that was famously used by the University of Oregon. This would be a good introduction to that workout.

Women: 3x300m / 3M tempo / 3x300m

Men: 3x400m / 4M tempo / 3x400m

There was 45-60s rest between each of the 300/400's. Before and after the tempo, there was about 3min rest. Pace for the 300's was 60-63-66 (in that order) and for the 400's was 65-70-75. This is to mimic the beginning of a race: getting out quickly, then settling into race pace. The tempo was done at approximately half-marathon pace, with the goal being to finish totally under control. The final set of 300's was done in <66, <63, <60 (in that order), and for the 400's it was <75, <70, <65. That is mimic the end of the race getting faster.


Week: Wkt 1 / Wkt 2

Week 1: Women-8M/Men-10M threshold (video) / 10-15x60s on fartlek (video)

Week 2: W-8M/M-10M threshold / RACE: Men - Women

Week 3: W-6M/M-9M alternating 1.5M segments / W-5x1M/M-6x1M (video)

Week 4: W-6M/M-9M alternating 1.5M segments / RACE: Men - Women

Week 5: W-3M/M-4M tempo w/300's & 400's before/after (this video)

Other videos by Coach Matt

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