Kathleen Raske - Role of a Coach - Trials Super Clinic 2012

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Trials Super Clinic

Kathleen Raske: In her 11th year at Sacramento State University, Raske has elevated the program to new levels having coached 13 All-Americans. Former Women’s Hurdle Development Chair, Raske is currently the USATF Coaches Advisory Secretary and has served on numerous international staffs. Raske recently completed the IAAF Level 5 Academy held for the first time in the US at the Chula Vista Training Center this past January. 

Presenter Documents


  1. Introduction
  2. IAAF/USATF Education
  3. Ronald Brookins Case Study
  4. Role of a Coach
  5. Assessment Test Results
  6. Considerations for Training Programs
  7. Training Program Examples
  8. Technical Considerations
  9. Coaching & Teaching Strategies
  10. Summary

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